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Advantages of Wood Pellet Machine

Jul 19, 2018

The wood pellet machine can process the wood, such as branches, tree shrews, wood, corn cob, etc. into pieces to make biomass particles. It can meet the current concept of recycling, environmental protection and energy saving. The materials crushed by wood shredder can produce paper, furniture, fiberboard, etc. Due to the price is low than solid wood, it is favored by numerous customers. So, what are the advantages of wood pellet machine?

wood pellet machine

  1. Good mechanical performance. Due to the reasonable structure of the main shaft and the connected hollow shaft, it can be used continuously and has good performance.

  2. The production cost is low, because the design of the wood granule machine is reasonable, the production cost is low and the energy consumption is small.

  3. What are the technical advantages of the raft machine? The transmission uses high-density gears with a transmission rate of up to 90%.

  4. Wood pellet machine can achieve 24 hours continuous uninterrupted operation, with high efficiency and economic advantages.

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