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Yogurt Fermentation Machine

Yogurt Fermentation Machine
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The yogurt fermentation machine is the new-designed yogurt making machine, which can be used for making plain yogurt and fruits-based yogurt for commercial selling. Except for fermenting yogurt from fresh milk, this yogurt maker also has the functions of sterilization and refrigeration of the final yogurt products.

plain yogurt made by yogurt maker

Why choose this commercial yogurt fermentation machine?

We all know that the key to making yogurt in the yogurt making process is the fermentation step. So that we designed this special fermentation machine for making yogurt efficiently. This commercial yogurt maker can provide a constant temperature device for milk fermentation, between 35-45 degrees. In this environment, probiotics multiply, lactose in milk is converted into lactic acid, and milk is fermented into yogurt.

commercial yogurt machine

What are the features of the fermented yogurt made by the yogurt maker?

Yogurt is not only delicious but also has a lot of nutrients. Yogurt can make fruit salads and help the body digest. Yogurt is also a good source of calcium for the body. Although the nutrient content of yogurt depends on the source and composition of raw milk, yogurt is higher than the raw milk because the yogurt contains a lot of beneficial bacteria.

yogurt machine with single door

In general, drinking a cup of 150 grams of yogurt can meet one-third of the amount of calcium needed for children under 10 years of age, and one-fifth of the amount of calcium required for adults. In addition, converting lactose to lactic acid has a protective effect on the milk. The low pH in yogurt inhibits the growth of spoilage bacteria and other harmful microorganisms, thereby extending the shelf life of the yogurt.

How does the yogurt fermentation machine work?

Commercial yogurt machine is the fully automatic intelligent fermentation equipment with fermentation, curing, disinfection and refrigeration functions. It is a machine for making fresh milk into various types of yogurt products, mainly consisting of the box body, the box door, the studio, ultraviolet lamps, circulation fans, built-in trays, and a control system.

thick yogurt

When using this yogurt fermentation machine, we usually should match with a sterilization pot for sterilizing the fresh milk with a temperature of about 85℃ first. The sterilization step can kill all kinds of bacteria and microorganisms of fresh milk so that they can make sure the yogurt quality. After milk sterilization, we should cool the milk temperature to about 45℃ and pour about a pound of the yogurt fermenting strains into the container and mix well, then pour into a stirred tank, stir for 3 minutes, and let stand for 5-10 minutes.

Then, we should dispense the sterilized milk from the tank into dedicated small yogurt placing cups and drain the cups into the trays on the yogurt machine grid. And we start the machine for yogurt fermentation. The common yogurt fermentation temperature is about 43℃ and the whole fermentation process will last about 8 hours.

yogurt fermentation application

Main advantages of the automatic yogurt fermentation machine

1. The circulating wind in the yogurt processing machine is reasonable, and the milk cups in the box are heated more evenly. The temperature difference in each cup is relatively small, which is conducive to improving the true rate of yogurt making.

2. The fermentation time in the yogurt fermentation machine can be adjusted according to the ambient temperature. The initial temperature of the milk and the amount of milk stored can be adjusted independently, and the operation is very convenient.

3. The cabinet adopts an integrated design, which is beautiful and energy-saving. According to the production process of the yogurt, the procedure of the yogurt machine can be divided into a standby refrigeration phase and a fermentation phase. In the standby process, UV sterilization can be performed, and then the yogurt cups can be stacked. Fermentation refers to heating and heating, and the temperature in all the cups in the box rises to above 39℃ or below 45℃ at the fastest speed.

inner yogurt making process

Technical parameters of the yogurt making machine







Heating power



Cooling power



Fermenting temperature



Cold-keeping temperature




1. Q: Do you have the comprehensive working videos of your yogurt processing machine?

A: Yes, of course, we have a lot of related videos of our yogurt fermentation machines including installation videos, working videos, testing videos with our customers and the packing and delivery videos and pictures. We also set our YouTube channel to update our food machine videos: Welcome to subscribe to it and have a better understanding.

2. Q: How do I know about the details and quality of your machines?

A: First, we have product brochures covering all details including parameters, raw materials, output, etc. of most of our production lines; secondly, we can provide you with videos filmed on-site with details about the working process and how mechanical parts work during operation; at last, you are warmly welcomed for on-site inspection at our factories.

3. Q: Do you provide the overseas installation service of your food machine?

A: If you buy machines from us, we will dispatch the most professional engineer to your local site to guide the installation. After the installation, the engineer will also do the commissioning and train the workers to operate the machines and do the maintenance.

Our company

Taizy food machinery can provide all kinds of food machines and whole sets of food production lines to many domestic and oversea countries. Our main products include fruit and vegetable processing machinery, flour food processing machinery, meat and poultry processing machinery, nut processing machinery, edible oil press machinery, snack processing machinery, juice extruding machinery and the packaging machinery. Besides, we also provide a series of full-automatic or half-automatic food processing lines for our customers and we can even customize the most proper food processing lines.

Our food machines have been sold to more than 50 countries and regions such as America, Nigeria, India, Thailand, Chile, Australia, Saudi Arab, Philippines, Malaysia, Iran, Russia, Pakistan and so on. Our business principle is to develop mutual benefit and establish long term relationship with our customers. We sincerely welcome the old and new customers to visit our company and negotiate business with us. And we will provide you the good machines with best price as well as best customer service.

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