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UV Sterilizer | Food Sterilizing Machine

UV Sterilizer | Food Sterilizing Machine
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Commercial ultraviolet sterilizers are mainly used to sterilize various foods and medicines, such as various small-packaged foods, vacuum-packed products, herbal medicines, tea leaves, medical appliances, masks, etc. The UV sterilizer has a wide range of applications and strong applicability. It is a piece of common equipment in many food processing plants and pharmaceutical processing plants.

Sterilizing scope of the UV food sterilizer machine

sterilizing scope of the UV sterilizer

Commercial UV sterilizer’s structure

The structure of the ultraviolet sterilizer is very compact, so it saves space when used. Its main structure includes a frame body, built-in motor, ultraviolet lamp, conveyor belt, power supply controller, etc. According to the different processing volume, the number of ultraviolet lamps of the sterilizer, and the width and length of the conveyor belt can be customized.

variou types of the commercial sterilizers in our factory

When the ultraviolet sterilizer is working, the material to be sterilized is placed on the end of the conveyor. The material will enter the concentrated ultraviolet irradiation area with the conveyor belt, and various types of bacteria on the surface of the material will be quickly killed. Then, the sterilized material is output from the other end of the conveyor belt. Among them, the speed of the conveyor belt can be adjusted. In order to detect the sterilization effect, we can use a special detection device to detect the sterilization effect.

Why is ultraviolet sterilization so widely used?

Ultraviolet sterilization machine is a mechanical device that uses high-intensity ultraviolet sterilization lamp to irradiate materials and destroy the internal structure of DNA of bacteria and viruses on the surface of the materials, so as to kill the total E. coli, coliform, and colonies of materials and other products.

food sterilization

The characteristics of food ultraviolet sterilization machines are good sterilization effect, no pollution and no residue, clean and hygienic, large production capacity, is an indispensable equipment in the food processing industry. Ultraviolet sterilization technology is the most broad-spectrum among all current disinfection technologies. It can kill all bacteria and viruses with high efficiency, so it has the effect of broad-spectrum sterilization.

Precautions of using the commercial ultraviolet sterilizer

1. The ultraviolet sterilizing machine is strictly prohibited from starting frequently, especially during a short time. According to the water quality, the ultraviolet lamp tube and quartz glass sleeve need to be cleaned regularly.

2. When replacing the ultraviolet lamp tube, please check whether there is water leakage, and then plug in the power supply. And do not touch the quartz glass of the new lamp tube with your fingers, otherwise, the sterilization effect will be affected.

3. Prevent from the ultraviolet radiation. Ultraviolet radiation also has an effect on the human body to some extent. When starting the disinfection lamp, we should avoid direct radiation on the human body. If necessary, we should use protective glasses and do not directly face the light source with the eyes, so as to avoid burning the eye film.

food sterilizer in stock

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