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Stainless Steel Deoiling Machine

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Application scope:

Stainless steel deoiling machine is mainly used for dewatering or deoiling. The food after deoiling is not easy to be broken, which is conducive to the next step of the product operation more quickly, which is dozens of times of the artificial efficiency and really saves time, power and labor.

timg dehydration deoiling machine (5)

Working principle:

Dehydrator is its working principle with centrifugal motion, drive bladder to make high speed rotate by motor namely. The water in the dehydrated material makes centrifugal movement under high speed rotation, and the water splashes out of the inner bladder from the holes around the inner bladder shell to achieve the purpose of dehydration.

Structure of the machine:

The dewatering machine is of rubber shock absorber type, which can avoid the vibration of the foundation caused by the unbalanced load in the drum. The shell is made of stainless steel plate, the chassis material is cast iron, the outlet pipe is on the side of the barrel, the base foot base and the column foot material are cast iron. The spindle system is made of high quality steel, equipped with two bearings and supported by thrust ball bearings at the lower end to reduce wear and save power. The dewatering machine adopts time controller to control the working time, which can be set freely according to the dewatering time of raw materials.

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1. The operator must be familiar with the structure, performance and operation method of the machine.

2. Feeding should be evenly distributed to avoid heavy vibration.

3. Do not open the top cover during normal operation to avoid danger.

4. Do not put anything on the top cover to avoid accidents after driving.

5. Half a year regular maintenance, add lubricating oil.

6. The machine must be grounded!

timg (10)timg (9)


Electric power(kw)




Tank size

(diameter x height)

500 * 350

600 * 400

800 * 490

Tank capacity (kg)




Overall dimensions (diameter x height)

1080 x 630 x 900

1200 x 770 x 950

1300 x 820 x 1000

Net weight (kg)




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