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Potato Banana Dicing Slicing Cutting Machine

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Application range

The multi-purpose vegetable cutting machine with the alternative cutting plates available, can cut root veg and hard fruit, for instance banana, sweet potato, potato, taro, radish, melon, cucumber, bamboo shoot, etc. into chips, slices, and dices or cubes of conformed quality, thickness, and size. the cut slice, dice or chip is prominent in smooth cutting surface, intact texture and less damage caused to the quality and freshness.


Structure of Vegetable and fruit cutting machine

Fruit and root crop slicing machine Shuliy developed and manufactured is mainly comprised of bracket, rotating cutting plate, transmission system, outlet hopper, and inlet tubes of various shapes, etc., is applicable to the long cylinder-shaped fruits and vegetables, for instance, bamboo shoot, cassava, sweet potato, lotus, carrot, taro, was apple, and round-shaped fruits. The surfaces of the lotus slicing machine contacting with the raw materials are all made of 304 stainless steel, which meets the international standard on food export hygienic standard. The whole quality stainless steel construction of the onion dicing machine ensures the stable and reliable cutting efficiency in a profound way.

Advantages of the potato chip cutting machine

1. The most prominent advantages of the versatile taro dicing machine are the high output, neat cutting surface, low residue, burr and debris rate, and stable and continuous cutting manner.

2. The French fried onion ring cutting machine has the most resilient features of compact structure, small size with less space occupation, low energy consumption, low damage rate, low maintenance, and easy cleaning and operation.

3. The thickness and sizes can be customize to meet customers’ requirements, and the cutting shapes including dice, chips, julienne, slices can be obtained by changing the cutter plates of different cutting purpose.

Operation guidance of the root crop cutting machine

4. Choose a dry and ventilated working place and mount the banana chip cutting machine on the smooth ground stably. After mounting, push the cutter machine to check the stability and the installation.

5. Check the specification to ensure it is consistent with the production requirements. Otherwise, the unconformity will cause serious operation issue endangering the safety of workers and oprators.

6. Alter the cutter plates of different shapes of blades to customize to the production requirements or customer’s requests.

7. Clean and maintain the cutter blades to avoid stuck blades caused by the raw materials residue and debris. Except the electric motor parts, the cutter blades and cutting chamber can be washed clean by water spray.

Shuliy can provide you with all-round service including pre-sale and after-sale service. The turnkey solutions is customized according to your production requirements to achieve the output and efficient to the most extent.

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