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Popsicle Maker
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Popsicle maker is a hot selling machine because the popsicle is so popular food during summer. Popsicle is so delicious with different flavors, such as apple chocolate, milk, mango, banana, strawberry, etc., The popsicle maker is made of stainless steel. Popsicle maker can make delicious popsicle.

popsicle maker (1)Introduction of the popsicle maker:

If you want to make popsicle during summer. The popsicle machine will help a lot. Pour the processed raw material into the mold, insert the stick into the alignment. Put the mold into the slot until the pre-cooling temperature below -15 degrees Celsius. Take out the mold after 15-20 minutes. (Take it and put it carefully). Then the popsicle is finished.

Maintenance, faults, and solutions:

During the use of the popsicle machine, problems may occur due to various reasons. After the fault occurs, please do not handle it at random. Ask the professional to repair it after checking and analyzing the fault.




The machine does not start properly

1. Power line

2. Power supply voltage does not meet the requirements of this machine

1. Check if the power supply voltage is in good contact, the switch controller is in good contact

2. Check the power supply voltage

Popsicle salt basin temperature drops too slowly or does not fall

1. The thermal protector in the compressor is disconnected

2. The condenser cooling effect is not good

3. Expansion valve blocked

4. Refrigerant leak

5. Check if the brine concentration is too high or too light

1. Check the power supply voltage is normal

2. Check if the temperature of the cooling water is too high and the flow rate of the water is too small

3. Observe the frosting of the expansion valve

4. Adding refrigerant

5. Adjust the brine concentration of 28%-30%

Advantages of the popsicle maker:

1. The popsicle maker is made of full stainless steel which meets the requirements of the food processing industry. It has a beautiful appearance.

2. Temperature display: you can observe and adjust the temperature at any time.

3. It can make various flavor popsicle, such as milk, chocolate, etc.,

4. Large output can meet the need of big canteen, restaurant, catering agency and so on.

popsicle maker (9)

Maintenance and cleaning of the popsicle maker:

1. Press the cleaning button to discharge the residual material after using.

2. Wash the machine with warm water.

3. Place the machine in a ventilated and dry place to avoid heat source and direct sunlight.

4. At least 300mm space is left around the machine for heat dissipation.

5. This machine uses 220v or 380v50hz, three-phase power, check it clearly before turning on the machine.

6. Whether the cabinet is grounded reliably to ensure that the whole machine is well grounded.

1.Are you manufacturer?

Yes, we are. Welcome to visit our factory.
2.Can you change the machine voltage as our request?
Yes, we can.
3.How about your after-sales service?
Our engineer can go outside to install and train your workers to operate the full machine line.
4.Warranty time of your machine?
1 year except for consumable spare parts.
5.How about delivery time of your machine?
Generally it needs 5-15 days for big machines or producing line,and it will be much longer but within our negotiated delivery time.

Company Information:

Zhengzhou Taizy Machinery Co., Ltd established in 2010, located in Zhengzhou, Henan, China, specially engaged in producing food processing machines,such as meat processing machine (pork,chicken,fish,beef and so on),,vegetable processing machine(vegetable washing machine, vegetable cutting machine ,vegetable grinder and so on),flour processing machine(steamed bread machine,pasta machine,dough sheeter machine,Melaleuca cake machine,bun machine,spring roll machine and so on )and fruit processing machine(pineapple peeling machine,orange peeling machine,jujube nuclear machine,apple peeling and splitting machine,watermelon peeling machine and so on).we have heavy standardization industrial plants with area 12000 square meters, bring advanced large metal processing equipment,we have built the business relationship with more than 50 foreign countries and welcome you to know us more on our machine and our technology.

We take "Quality First and Customer Supreme" as our business philosophy, adhere business idea"Honesty and Excellence" and spirit of "Practical and Innovative", act "Attitude is everything" to our business and each client.

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