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Popcorn Machine

Popcorn Machine
Popcorn machine The raw material of the popcorn machine is corn, which can be used with milky coconut oil for better taste. Traditional popcorn has only one flavor.
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Popcorn machine

The raw material of the popcorn machine is corn, which can be used with milky coconut oil for better taste. Traditional popcorn has only one flavor. The multi-flavored popcorn meets the different needs of different people. It is sweet and crispy, and has won praise from people,especially in movie theaters and supermarkets and food streets. Whats more, it is easy to use, and only needs one person.

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Technical parameter


Small size electric popcorn machine

Big size electric popcorn machine







Heating method

Liquefied gas

Liquefied gas




How to operate popcorn machine?

1. Heat the oil in the popcorn machine

2. Pour the corn into machine, spread it on the bottom of the pan, and let the corn lay on the pan separately.

3. Cover the pot and shake the pot vigorously back and forth every 10-15 seconds

4. When the corn starts to burst, it is important to shake the pot every 5 seconds, otherwise the corn kernels below will be burnt and the others will not completely burst.

5.When you hear only sporadic popping sounds, remove the pot from the stove or cool down. Pour the rice flour into the container. Then put the cream in the pot with the remaining temperature.

6.When the cream melts, pour the popcorn.

7.Sprinkle salt on the popcorn for better taste.

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The harmfulness of traditional popcorn machine

The lead content of popcorn per kilogram is 2.45-20 mg, and the state stipulates that the content of lead in pastries shall not exceed 0.5 mg / kg. The content of lead in popcorn exceeds the general food hygiene, which will seriously harm human liver, kidney and brain tissue. In particular, children have weak detoxification effects on lead, and if they often eat popcorn with high lead content, they will be prone to lead poisoning, resulting in decreased appetite, diarrhea, irritability, purple gums, and slow growth.

With the development of science and the improvement of health consciousness, this kind of popcorn machine with high lead content has been unable to gain a foothold in the market, and has been gradually eliminated by the society.

How to maintain popcorn making machine?

1. Turn on the power switch of the popcorn machine and check whether the short-circuit fuse is broken.

2. Turn on the heating switch of the popcorn machine,if the pot body is not hot, the heating indicator light is off, and the fuse is broken. Please check whether the heater wiring in the pot body of the popcorn machine is faulty, check that the temperature controller is malfunctioning, and the stove plate wiring is short .

3. If the heating indicator of the popcorn machine does not go out for a long time, and the temperature is too high. You should check the thermal temperature controller and readjust it to 180 ± 10 ° C or more.

4. If the lighting thermostat of the popcorn machine does not turn on after working, replace the bulb. If there is no temperature in the thermostat of the popcorn machine, check whether the thermostat on the bottom plate is short-circuited.

5. If the outer metal sensing surface of the popcorn machine is too large, please check if there is a good grounding device.

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