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Meat Stirring Mixer Machine

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Meat stirring mixer machine mainly consists of a frame, a transmission part, a hopper, a stirrer and an electric control part. It adopts chain transmission with stable operation and low noisy. Whole machine are made of 304 stainless steel ,which meets the national standards of food safety.

Multifunctional pulpy meat mixer machine (1) Multifunctional pulpy meat mixer machine (2)

Working principle

The material to be mixed is placed in the hopper when machine begins to work, and meat is continuously reversed through agitator. They are automatically taken out through discharge after uniformly mixing.


1.Taizy automatic meat stirrer machine is suitable for various fillings, seasonings and other ingredients about food.

2. It increases the taste of food and makes meat more smooth and delicious.

3. It is the first choice for making all kinds of sausages with different shapes and dumplings

Multifunctional pulpy meat mixer machine (8) Multifunctional pulpy meat mixer machine (9)

How to use meat mixer machine

1.When preparing dumplings, user should slowly add water to meat and stir it in one direction with chopsticks. You can add salt if meat looks dilute.

2. User should put less water in fat free meat ,but more water should be contained in fat meat.

3. Operator has to mix vegetable and meat at the same time, and much stirring will result the moisture of vegetable to come out. If so, you can add some dry flour or put it in the refrigerator to dry it, and it will thicken when the oil is condensed, .

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