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Low Temperature Vacuum Fryer

Low Temperature Vacuum Fryer
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Low-temperature vacuum fryer can be used to make fried fruit chips, such as banana chips, potato chips, crispy mushrooms, crispy okra, etc. The food made by it has less oil content and does not produce carcinogens, so it has better effects on human health. In addition, because the material is under vacuum and negative pressure, it will be more crispy than the food fried under normal temperature and pressure.

Structural composition of vacuum fryer:

The low-temperature vacuum fryer is mainly composed of the oil storage tank, steam heating tank, vacuum pump, condensate collector, frying tank, fuselage, and other parts.

When working, first add an appropriate amount of oil to the oil storage tank, and when the machine is preheated to about 120 degrees Celsius, put in the material. Turn on the oil pump and suck the hot oil from the oil storage tank into the fryer. The vacuum pump started to work and evacuated the air inside the fryer and oil storage tank, creating a vacuum. Under vacuum conditions, the material is continuously dehydrated and expanded, and water vapor is discharged through the pipeline.

banana chips made by the low-temperature vacuum frying machine

What is the difference between conventional frying and vacuum frying?

Vacuum frying is known as the "green revolution" of fried snack foods of this century. Vacuum frying has an effective color retention effect, the frying temperature is greatly reduced, and the oxygen concentration in the fryer is greatly reduced. Fried foods are not easy to fade, discolor, and brown, and the color of the raw materials can be maintained.

For example, kiwis are extremely susceptible to heat browning, but they can remain green if they are vacuum fried. However, for oil-soluble pigments, such as carotenoid pigments and chlorophyll pigments, the pigments easily dissolve during frying. Therefore, the raw materials should be pretreated before frying to maintain the stability of the pigments.

In addition, vacuum frying can also prevent the production of carcinogens and ensure the health of people who eat them.

Vacuum fried okra

Technical data



Capacity(raw material/ kg)


Time consuming(min)

About 40 min per time

Ultimate vacuum (MPa)


Oil temperature (°C)


Heating source

Heating source


Steam consumption (Kg/h)


Steam pressure (MPa)


Main heating method

Oil pump external circulation

Deoiling number (n/min)


Cooling water volume (T/h)


Power supply



Total power (Kw)


Size (mm)


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