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Introduction to vacuum packaging machine:

Vacuum packaging machine is functioning as the packaging unit who can evacuate the package and then seal them tightly. Through this procedure, the packaged items is featured by oxidation resistance, long preservation, low moisture contain, corrosion, insects caused pollution free and others. The vacuum packing machine can effectively extend the shelf life, thus make the product easy to be stored and transported.

Vacuum packaging machine is applicable to all kinds of plastic film bags, composite film bags, aluminum foil bags vacuum packaging.

It also used in vacuum packing all kinds of meat products, vegetable products, seafood, garlic products, medicine, biological products, electronic components and other solid, powder, semi-fluid for oxygen preservation and extending the shelf life of products, increasing the product value.


Automatic vacuum packaging machine working principle:

Automatic vacuum packaging machine is composed of electrical system, vacuum system, heat sealing system and conveyor belt system.

During working, pull the vacuum cover down, then vacuum pump in the vacuum chamber starts exerting extraction. Through the electric control after reaching required vacuum degree, the thermal cooling is finished prior to starting another vacuum packaging cycle.

The vacuum packing procedure is as follows: conveyor belt stops for vacuum heating--sealing--cooling-degassing--vacuum chamber ascending.

Advantages of vacuum packaging machine:

1. Vacuum pump with the quality vacuum pump equipped, is the current food vacuum packaging machine industry good vacuum pump, and with a long service life.

2. All 304 stainless steel construction, vacuum packaging table is made of excellent 4mm 304 stainless steel thickness featured by rust resistance and corrosion resistance and better anti-intergranular corrosion performance, long-term use without deformation, no leakage, in line with the hygienic food processing requirements.

3. It can be switched between automatic and semi-automatic processing. Simple and convenient in operation, high in sealing efficiency.

4. 2 heating strips are arranged neatly and symmetrically to obtain a better sealing effect. They can be used to heat seal bags made of aluminum foil, plastic film and other composite films.

5. The operating system is fully sealed and the whole machine can be rinsed with clean water.

6. Well-sealed of vacuum chamber.

7. Beautiful appearance design, reasonable structure, the machine performance has exceeded the world's similar products, in the international leading position.


Main structure of vacuum packaging machine:

This machine is mainly composed of upper chamber, lower working platform, bracket, electrical system and vacuum sealing system.

Vacuum packaging machine packing:

We always adhere to the concept of "let Chinese machines be everywhere in every corner of the world". Packing every product carefully, elaborating on detail well, and customizing packages according to requirements and sizes of goods, so that the transportation safety of products is ensured to the greatest extent.

Our commitment:

1. Service principle: quick, decisive, accurate, considerate and thorough.

2. Service aim: win the satisfaction from users by thoughtful service quality.

3. Service efficiency: in case of failure of the equipment within or beyond the warranty period, and the maintenance personnel shall serve and start the maintenance on-line within the shortest time if a request is received.

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