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Hydraulic Sausage Filler Sausage Stuffing Machine

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Hydraulic sausage filler machine can filling sausages of different sizes with mixtures, for instance, chopped chicken, seasoned beef, mutton or pork paste. A variety of containing casings can be chosen from to achieve different sausage textures and flavors. The new-designed meat sausage filler machine can be applied to the mass production of garlic flavor sausage, chili sausage, fish sausage, and smoked sausage as well. The finished sausages are of uniformed appearance, same length and diameter, which is the perfect choice for commercial sausage processing enterprises.

Characteristics of the hydraulic sausage filling machine:

1. The whole sausage filler machine is built of high quality stainless steel.

2. The inverse ā€œVā€-shaped feeding hopper facilitates the operation and meat mixture feeding.

3. The effective hydraulic driver ensures the continuous and strong operating of the machine; the advanced hydraulic pressing method makes the product has the features of stable working, large output.

4. A variety of models of the sausage stuffing machines are provided to meet different production requirements. Furthermore, the shape and number of outlet spouts are customizable to realize the arbitrary operation.

High-lights of the hydraulic sausage filler:

1. Seamless wielding, spotless outlook, stainless steel made from inside to outside, etc. promising a stable, high efficient, pollution free working environment.

2. The exquisite feeding and extruding technology can minimized the meat waste rate to its utmost.

3. Combined the meat chopping machine, sausage tying machine with hydraulic sausage stuffing machine can materialize the maximum working efficiency of the sausage production.

4. Ease of operation, low maintenance and ease of transporting.


Structure of the hydraulic sausage filler:

The hydraulic sausage stuffing equipment is mainly comprised of a pedestal, steel frame, inlet hopper, motor, automatic hydraulic running system, and an electric controller. The back and forth filling suction and filling effect are accomplished by the strong piston and manual operation as auxiliary.

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