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Cookie Biscuit Oven With Large Output

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This tunnel oven is mainly comprised of oven tunnel, mesh belt, transmission system, chimney, electric heat pipe and control box. Far infrared electric heating biscuit bakery oven, the range electric heating radiation is more than 95%, the electric saving effect reaches more than 35%, the sanitary condition is good, the service life is long, the quartz tube radiation baking is even, the electric saving effect reaches 30%, the furnace body is designed reasonable with perfect heat preservation performance.

Application range

Tunnel style biscuit bakery oven is an ideal equipment for baking cookies, biscuit, bread, cakes, moon cakes, toast, baguettes and so on. The Tunnel Cookie Biscuit Oven is easy to operate, high in efficiency and reasonable in price.



The tunnel type belt conveyer biscuit baking oven is composed of tunnel style biscuit bakery oven, mesh belt, transmission system, chimney and control cabinet. This oven can be powered by gas heating to generate evenly heat for the biscuits bakery. The control box is automatically adjusted, the speed can be regulated, through the control box the temperature of the oven can be adjusted according to cookie production requirements. Each 4 meters of oven is considered as one section with several different temperature. Each temperature zone can be controlled separately.


Perfect Performance of the Cookie Biscuit Oven

1. Cookie Biscuit Oven Tunnel biscuit bakery oven with electric heating, net conveyer adopted is a large professional equipment of the cookie and biscuit production line for continuous cookie baking.

2. Large production capacity, fast backing speed, Cookie Biscuit Oven Tunnel biscuit bakery oven saves manpower, and can be equipped with assembly line operation; The upper and lower heating are separately controlled to adjust the bakery temperature.

3. The baking effect is stable, which can set the speed according to the different baking time to meet different production requirements; equipped with PLC control system and implementation of intelligent control, the full automation of the Cookie Biscuit Oven is realized; Equipped with automatic tunnel conveyer; Length and width can be customized according to the customer need.

4. The baked food is perfect in color, aroma and shape, and has the feature of high yield, energy saving, reasonable structure, simple operation, high degree of automation and advanced technology.

The diameter of Cookie Biscuit Oven

Length:4m、8m、12m、16m、20m、24m、28m、32m、36m、40m, etc.;

Heating power: 70kw、80kw、100kw,120kw ,150kw, 180kw.

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