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High-efficiency ginger shreds slicer machine, also known as potato slicer machine, onion slicer machine.It can be utilized to quick slicing or shredding of ginger, bamboo shoots, radishes, potatoes, onions, taro, cucumber, etc.This machine is versatile, saving time and effort.The section is smooth a,and the operation is simple, and the cleaning is also very convenient. Different thicknesses of the final product can be done by customizing the knife set.

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Feature of the ginger slicer machine:

1, Fast speed, high efficiency, continuous work, smooth section without burrs;

2. Made of food stainless steel or aluminum alloy; the appearance of the potato slicer machine is beautiful and generous,;safe and sanitary, no pollutants, easy to clean;

3.The operation is simple and convenient, saving a lot of labor and time;

4. Have a safe protection system to reduce personal injury caused by improper operation;
5. It is appropriate for slicing and shredding of various rhizomes and fruit vegetables.

Function of the ginger slicer machine:

Ginger slicer machine is a multifunctional slicing machine.It can be used for cutting and slicing a variety of vegetables and fruit.For example,rhizomes (such as potatoes, yam, ginger, garlic, sweet potatoes, etc.), spheroidal fruit (such as eggplant, tomato, cucumber, melon, pear, apple, etc.), etc.It can meet the requirements of slicing and shredding for different materials by adjusting the knife set, or customizing the corresponding equipment.The ginger slicer machine can process about 150-250kg material per hour, and the size of the material to be cut is the same,which not only improves production efficiency and quality, but also saves a lot of labor costs.

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Ginger slicer machine operation cautions:

The ginger slicer machine needs to open the front door before working, and turn the turntable by hand to observe whether there is a bumping knife phenomenon. If there is, loosen the bolts on the turntable, move the turn slightly outward, and tighten the bolts. Only when there is no abnormality in each part of the ginger slicer machine,the machine can be tested.

Parameter of the ginger slicer machine:

Cutting capacity:

150 ~ 250 kg per hour

Cut off form:

from careful cut wire, thin section


1 ~ 3 mm

Mechanical power:

1/2 HP single-phase 220 v

The machine specification:

length 54 cm x 40 cm wide x 56 cm high

The machine weight:

about 41 kg

Our certificates:

Shuliy is verified by SGS, ISO, CE and BV certifications. Shuliy was entitled as “contract abiding enterprise” and “advanced enterprise of safe production” of China.


1. Are you manufacturer?

Yes, we are. Welcome to visit our factory.

2. Can you change the machine voltage as our request?

Yes, we can.

3. How about your after-sales service?

Our engineer can go outside to install and train your workers to operate the full machine line.

4. Warranty time of your machine?

1 year except for consumable spare parts.

5. How about delivery time of your machine?

Generally it needs 5-15 days for big machines or producing line,and it will be much longer but within our negotiated delivery time.

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