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Glutinous Rice Ball Making Machine

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Working principle:

Osmanthus fragrans is one of the famous snacks in the mall. The raw materials are selected from the finest glutinous rice. After several steps of panning, soaking, refining and lifting the pulp, the pulp powder is put into a fine cloth bag, and the water is dried to form a starch. The inner filling is mainly composed of cotton white sugar and sweet-scented osmanthus. Add appropriate amount of slab-like lard and micro-flour, put the stuffing into the fine sieve, and place the sieve on the boiling water pot. After the stuffing is wetted by steam, remove it, roll it in the starch and place it on the sieve. After the steam, roll the powder again. Repeat this several times, roll the dumpling to a diameter of about half an inch, that is, open the pot and cook. Just fine. The entrance of sweet-scented osmanthus soup is soft and moderate, moist and delicate, sweet and sweet, and has a unique flavor.

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Glutinous Rice Ball Making Machine introduction:

The stuffing dumpling machine is also called the pearl soup round machine and the sweet-scented osmanthus round machine.

1. The specifications are 8-34mm, each machine has one specification, and the price is different.

2. Can be customized according to customer requirements.

3. This machine has a high speed and can produce 80-90kg of rice balls per hour.

4. Easy to operate and easy to control.

5. This machine can produce: no stuffing dumplings, pearl dumplings, sweet-scented osmanthus dumplings, pearls used in milk tea, betel nut red pills, handicrafts, etc.

Other related machines

Some equipment can be configured according to your needs, such as mixers, mixers, pressing machines, etc.



1.Rice glutinous balls is a kind of traditional food in China.

Originally named Yuanxiao is the Sui Dynasty (581-618 A.D.), it used to refer to the Lantern Festival,

a day celebrated with rice glue balls.

2.It now has a history of over 700 years. In old times, January 15th on Chinese lunar calendar is called

the night of Lantern Festival. This food is much favored by people.

3.With its connotation of reunion and good luck, even the overseas Chinese, thinking of their relatives

far away on festive days, will never forget to eat the lard “Tangtuan” on the Spring Festival, looking

forward to reunion and delivering their homesickness.





Dimension of final product











Note: customer can choose the size between them, if need the biggest or small size, pls inform in advance


Foxing system

Biggest foxing system, can product more rice glue balls, improve the capacity, economical and practical,the capacity is equal to 12 workers to make the ice glue balls at the same time, ice glue balls


feeding inlet

Put the dough into the mouth of the material, turn it on and make it round and shaped automatically.

The small mouth connected with the feed inlet is the dry powder inlet.

Avoid tangyuan sticking and deformation glue balls, improve the capacity, economical and practical,the capacity is equal to 12 workers to make the ice glue balls at the same time, ice glue balls


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