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The automatic fryer can be fed and discharged automatically. It can fry all kinds of food. Meat, vegetables, nuts, etc. Oil-water separation design allows the oil to use a long time which saves oil a lot and saves labor.
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Restaurant frying machine potato fryer machine for food processing plants

Frying machine adopts new technology for oil-water separation. The food residue generated during the frying process which sinks into the bottom funnel by filtration of water and discharged through the sewage outlet. This working way not only achieves the function of filtering oil and without oil wasting. Fryer machine is a multi-purpose machine. It can fry a variety of food without oil change, save time and protect the environment.




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Oil capacity(L)























Application of the frying machine:

This potato fryer machine has been continuously improved. It is suitable for varieties of foods. So it is the first choice for various fried food processing plants. This frying machine can be used for peanuts, potatoes, pasta, nuts, soy, puffed food, twists, meat, vegetable,fruits,etc. Heating methods of the frying machine include electric heating, natural gas heating, diesel heating, electromagnetic heating, and coal heating. According to your own requirements to choose a suitable machine. The bottom of our automatic discharge fryer is tapered to form a low-temperature zone. The oil color in the low-temperature zone will not turn black. The oil residue will sink to the low-temperature zone, so the residue will not affect the upper oil which makes the oil in the frying bucket use a long time. If the frying temperature is 210 ℃, the oil can be used for about three days for the frying machine with low-temperature zone. However,If it is a flat-bottomed fryer machine, the oil will turn black in one day.


Features of the frying machine:

1.The oil temperature can be controlled automatically in the whole process. The temperature can be set from 0----230 ℃freely, which is suitable for frying food with various process requirements.

2.The fryer machine adopts the international advanced oil-water mixing technology and frequency conversion speed regulation. The residue of the fried product sinks into the water below the oil tank when frying the product, so the residue will not affect the oil quality and can be discharged with the water through the sewage valve.

3.A large amount of edible oil contained in the residue is separated from the oil layer by oil-water separation. This greatly prolongs the oil life cycle and reduces oil consumption. This design makes the color and flavor of the fried product better and the appearance is more beautiful.

4.Usually, the product needs fry in 15 seconds - 8 minutes. Different frying requirements and different raw materials need different frying time.

5.The food produced by using this frying machine has bright color, high-quality product grade. This machine solves the problem of excessive acidification of fried food.

6.Independent distribution box for easy and safe operation.

7.With automatic discharge function, saving manpower.

油炸机自动出料主图 (4)

1.Are you manufacturer?

Yes, we are. Welcome to visit our factory.
2.Can you change the machine voltage as our request?
Yes, we can.The voltage can be change into 110v,60hz and so on.
3.How about your after-sales service?
Our engineer can go outside to install and train your workers to operate the full machine line.
4.Warranty time of your machine?
1 year except for consumable spare parts.
5.How about delivery time of your machine?
Generally it needs15 days for big machines or producing line,and it will be much longer but within our negotiated delivery time.

6. What material is suitable for this machine?

Meat,vegetable,snacks,puffed food and so on.

Company Information:

Zhengzhou Taizy Trading Co., Ltd established in 2011, located in Zhengzhou, Henan, China, specially engaged in producing food processing machines,such as meat processing machine (pork,chicken, fish, beef and so on),vegetable processing machine(vegetable washing machine, vegetable cutting machine ,vegetable grinder and so on),flour processing machine(steamed bread machine,pasta machine,dough sheeter machine, Melaleuca cake machine,bun machine,spring roll machine and so on )and fruit processing machine(pineapple peeling machine,orange peeling machine,jujube nuclear machine,apple peeling and splitting machine,watermelon peeling machine and so on).we have heavy standardization industrial plants with area 12000 square meters, bring advanced large metal processing equipment,we have built the business relationship with more than 50 foreign countries and welcome you to know us more on our machine and our technology.

We take "Quality First and Customer Supreme" as our business philosophy, adhere business idea"Honesty and Excellence" and spirit of "Practical and Innovative", act "Attitude is everything" to our business and each client.


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