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Food Package Vegetable Axial Air Dryer Line

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Description on a food package vegetable

Food package dryer line has the function of dewatering and removing the waster remain on the package surface with strong wind of a room temperature. The vegetable dryer is consisted of 20 axial dryers (the number of the dryer is customizable meeting the different production requirements of customers). The room temperature avoid color from fading or package from deforming. Therefore, with the luster and nutrition remain unchanged, the water and oil remain on the package or fried food can be blow away effectively.

The outlet fried food de-oiling machine with a low price tag is an essential device in the fried treats production line, so does a reliable auxiliary appliance in café, canteen, enterprise’s dining hall, and for mass vegetable and fruit vendors, etc. the rigid designed vegetable package de-water machine is also known as vegetable dehydrator set, fruit drying set, fruit and vegetable drying dewatering processing line. Generally, the length of the vegetable dehydrator line can accommodate 5 groups of axial air dryer, the size and the number of the fired food de-oiling line can be customized according to the actual production circumstances.


Characteristics of the vegetable dewatering line

1. Being made of SUS304 stainless steel, the room temperature air drying machine for food package and vegetables is of a prolonged service life.

2. The water and oil remains on the vegetable or fired food surfaces will be blow away under the strong room temperature blowing generated by the axial fruit dryer mounted dehydration line in a relevantly short time comparing with the natural air drying.

3. The air drying machine is widely applied in the production line including French fries, batch fruit ( for example strawberry, melon, grapes)drying after cleaning, batch vegetable processing (cucumber, taro, sweet potato, potato, carrot, etc.), and pickled veg de-watering after marinating.

Advantages of pickle dewatering machine

1. With 304 stainless steel construction and manufacture under the rigid supervision, the vegetable drying line is characterized by durable use, effective dewatering, and low energy consumption with large output. Moreover, the package drying line is ease of assembly and cleaning, and is low in maintenance.

2. Considering the advantages of the traditional way of natural air drying, the fired food de-oiling line combined the traditional drying temperature with the high-tech strong and continuous vast volume blow to obtain an ideal drying and de-oiling effect, which is much higher than the traditional one.

3. Frequency conversion speed controlling system is equipped for accurate speed regulating.

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