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Fishbone Separator Machine

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Product Details

Brief introduction

Fishbone separator machine is favored by our customer due to its high capacity to separate fish bones and fish skin. Most important, removing rate can reach 90%, and you can get very clean fish meat. Small fish can be directly put into machine to separate, but as for big fish, it is necessary to cut them into small pieces. Usually,3.5mm is the diameter of meat.whatever it is big fish or small fish, and the diameter of meat is 3.5mm.

Fish deboning machine5 Fish deboning machine2

Inner structure

Fishbone separating machine mainly consists of inner scraper of roller,meat drum,automatic fine-tuning device,scraper fixed wheel,the outer scraper of roller,meat picker belt,gap adjustment handle,belt elastic adjustment.Different parts bears different functions, and they combine with each other to get clean fish meat.

Fish deboning machine7 Fish deboning machine1

Working principle

Meat barrel and rubber belt plays an import role in operation. When those two parts press each other,fish meat can stay in the barrel and fish skin and bone is excluded to the outside of barrel. Scraper scrapes off and discharge them later.


1.It is necessary to cut big fish into smaller pieces,but can process small fish directly.

2.Fish meat separator machine can greatly increase utilization rate of fish

3.Marine fish and freshwater fish both are suitable for this machine

4.Reasonable structure, great capacity as well as high removing rate, all those factors make this machine is popular in food processing factory.

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