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This potato dicing machine is applicable to food processing industry specialized in processing various kinds of fruits, dehydrated vegetables, quick-frozen vegetables processing plants and pickles. The quick cutting machine for fruit and vegetable is comprised of compound cutting tools, which can cut fruit and veg into slices, dices with regular shape, smooth cutting surface and high output rate at once. This machine is advanced in design, convenient in operation, low in energy consumption and high in efficiency.

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Fast fruit and vegetable cutting dicing machine1

Structural characteristics of fast cutting machine for fruit and vegetableļ¼š

Fruit and vegetable cutting machine is mainly composed of base, cutting plate, vertical knifes, wire cutter body, transverse cutter body, transmission system and electrical control system. The frame, shell, hopper as the main parts of the machine are made of stainless steel to ensure long-term service life without pollution, corrosion, toxic infection.

Fast fruit and vegetable cutting machine working principleļ¼š

The rotary cutting table of the fruit and vegetable drives the object to cut at a high speed. Under the centrifugal force generated by the motor the carrot will be cut into potato pieces, dices under the cutting effect of a vertical knife, and then cut into strips through the cutting disc.

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Fast fruit and vegetable cutting dicing machine6

Quick fruit and vegetable cutting machine features:

1, high power motor, professional mute motor, which is energy saving, long service life.

2, large feeding hopper, humanized design, more convenient to use, the veg dicing machine is considerable and practical.

3, high efficiency, stable safety, convenient operation, low energy consumption, healthy, safety.

4, the high-quality material, high-quality stainless steel, strong and durable, long service life.

Multi-function high speed potato dicing machine parameter:













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