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Pasta Machine
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This pasta machine is the commercial type of pasta food maker, which is also named the electric pasta maker, pasta noodles making machine and so on. This machine can be set with different press molds for squeezing the pasta products with different shapes and sizes. Through changing with the molds, this machine also can make pasta noodles with different flavors.

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Brief introduction of the pasta machine

The automatic pasta maker machine is precise and easy to use. Various shapes of food can be produced through different molds: shell crisp, white fungus crisp, pentagram crisp, screw noodle, lantern crisp, conch crisp, peanut crisp, and hollow noodle. Our factory can process different shapes of molds according to customer requirements. The pasta machine has low investment cost and high return on investment and is suitable for self-employed merchants to produce various snacks and pasta.

Main structure of the electric pasta maker

Pasta machine has a very compact structure, which is the new-designed type and it is suitable for home use or small plant production. It is mainly composed of the feed hopper, a motor, the inner screw, press mold, outlet and so on. And all parts of this pasta maker are made of high-quality stainless steel so that it is very durable and can work for a long time. Besides, if the customers buy this machine, we can not only provide them with the operation instructions but also the various press molds for free.

pasta maker molds

The operation process of pasta machine

1. Raw material pretreatment: Weigh the flour and sieve to remove impurities. Then adjust the salt, alkali, and water according to a certain ratio. When the water temperature is about 20℃, put the salt and alkali in the water and stir at the same time.

2. Stir the prepared flour within the indoor temperature above 10℃, and stir the flour for 20 minutes. Then, when the temperature is about 20-30℃, the flour is sufficiently absorbed into the dough shape. The user can use a mixer to stir the dough to form a gluten network after puffing. After being left for 10 minutes, it can be put into the pasta machine for processing.

3. Put the dough into the feed hopper of the pasta machine at an even speed. And the dough will be pressed by its inner screw into different shapes. The user can set a container for collecting the final pasta products.

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The reasons for choosing this commercial pasta machine

The machine adopts fully closed mechanical transmission, compact structure, stable operation, reliable work; Different molds can be changed to produce macaroni, mahua noodles, and other pasta, as well as the different thickness of noodles; The parts of the machine are made of stainless steel, which meet the sanitary requirements. With low costs, this machine has a high return on investment for most of the food processing plants.

pasta production effects

Technical parameters of the commercial pasta maker







Voltage (v)






Power (kw)






Weight (kg)






Dimension (mm)






Output (kg/h)







1.Q: Can I adjust the cutting length of the pasta products?

A: Yes, of course. We will send you the manual about the detailed coffee roasting operating instructions and the operating video for helping you to use this pasta machine.

2.Q: How can you do the package of the products we bought?

A: Generally, we will provide a standard export wooden case or find a professional packing company for well-packing. It depends on the product's packaging weight which should be subject to the actual package.

Taizy food machinery profile

As the leading food machinery manufacturer and supplier in China for almost 10 years, Taizy has been well-known for its high-quality machines and considerate customer services. Taizy machinery is a specialized food machinery manufacturing enterprise integrating independent research and development, professional manufacturing, factory direct sales, and after-sales service.

We are devoted to sustainable practices and anticipate the needs of our customers in terms of quality products and excellent services with the best engineering solutions and innovations. Located in the east of the beautiful Zhengzhou city were near the high-speed rail station and airport, it is very convenient for customers to visit our factory. Until now, our food machines and all kinds of food processing lines have been exported to more than 80 counties and regions in the world.

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