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Jacketed Kettle
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The electric heating jacketed kettle is a new type of cooking tool, which can be widely used in the processing of various foods. This multifunctional cooking pan can be used for making soup, cooking, stew, porridge and other food processing in large restaurants or canteens. The fully automatic jacketed pot has the advantages that it can replace a lot of manual labor, improve the efficiency of food processing, and save time and cost.

Brief introduction of the electric jacketed kettle

The steam jacketed pots are also known as steam pots, cooking pots, and jacketed steam kettles. The structure of this practical food cooking machine is very compact and usually consists of a pot body and feet. Its pot body is a double-layer structure composed of an inner and outer spherical pot body, and the middle sandwich mechanism can be heated by steam.

jacketed pan factory

This automatic cooking pot has a fixed type, a tiltable type, and a stirring type. The jacketed kettle has the characteristics of a large heating area, high thermal efficiency, uniform heating, short boiling time of liquid materials, easy control of heating temperature, beautiful appearance, easy installation, convenient operation, safety, and reliability.

Main applications of the automatic jacketed pot

The electric jacketed kettle can be used for boiling water, cooking, porridge, soup, steamed bun, boiling for sugar, rubber and oil, cooking noodles, fried fillings (such as bean paste, lotus seed filling, moon cake stuffing, green bean stuffing, etc.), dried bamboo shoots, stewed products (such as dried tofu, meat products, edamame, etc.), stewed products (such as chicken feet, chicken wings, stewed eggs, duck feet, duck neck, etc.), soy sauce and other food processing and production.

Jacketed kettle

This cooking pot can be applied to various types of food processing enterprises, hotels, restaurants, guest houses, restaurants, restaurants of industrial and mining enterprises, canteens of government agencies, canteens of colleges, etc. It has many uses such as porridge, soup, simmered meat, and stew.

Main features of the jacketed cooking kettle

1. This jacketed pan for cooking can integrate many functions on one machine. All parts of this cooking pot are made of high-quality stainless steel so that it is very durable and has a long service life. Besides, this machine can be designed with fixed feet or removable feet based on customer requirements.

2. For meeting different needs of the customers, this machine can be set with the automatic inner stirring shaft for continuously mixing the cooking materials when working, which can ensure a better quality of the final food products and reduce much labor works. The heating methods can be chosen, such as electric heating or steam heating.

3. The opening, unloading, and resetting of the pot body of the sandwich pot are controlled by hydraulic and mechanical transmission, which is extremely convenient to operate.

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Operating procedures of the jacketed pan machine

1. Turn on the power before using the machine, and then turn on the power knob. When the power indicator is on and the temperature controller is on, you can enter the heating operation.

2. Method for setting the temperature of the temperature controller: Press the set of the temperature controller, and the indicator light will flash. Set the temperature according to the upper and lower signs of the indicator. The maximum temperature cannot exceed 220 degrees. After the temperature is set, turn on the heating knob according to the set heating speed. Do not heat when there is no material in the pot.

3. The distribution box of the jacketed pot cannot be washed directly with water. It can be cleaned with a semi-wet cloth. When cleaning the equipment, be sure to perform the power-off treatment to avoid the risk of electric shock.

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Technical parameter of the electric jacketed kettle


Net weight(kg)

Stirring shaft weight(kg)

Cover weight(kg)

Electric cabinet weight(kg)







Including mixing:1300*1000*1220

Without mixing:1300*1000*860






Including mixing:1400*1100*1300

Without mixing:1400*1100*960






Including mixing:1500*1200*1500

Without mixing:1500*1200*1050






Including mixing:1600*1300*1550

Without mixing:1600*1300*1100






Including mixing:1700*1400*1600

Without mixing:1700*1400*1150






Including mixing:1800*1500*1650

Without mixing:1800*1500*1200

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