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Egg Tray Grading Machine

Egg Tray Grading Machine
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Egg tray grading machine

The egg grading machine is mainly used to sort out eggs of different weights and sizes, and it can be achieved by measuring the weight of the eggs. So we have different egg tray grading machine with different prices. You can manually collect eggs from different grades and put them in different egg trays for convenient storage and transportation.At the same time, damaged eggs can be picked out during the grading process. There are 5 or 7 layers, and we can customize it according to your need. Egg tray grading machine is an essential equipment in the deep egg processing line.In addition, the sorting rate is accurate and the sorting efficiency is high with automatic and specialized technology. Meanwhile, if necessary, you also can match with egg washing machine.

egg grading machine

Features of egg grading:

1. its working efficiency is high that is,5400pcs / h

2. egg tray grading machine has small size, so it is easy to move.

3. Wide application. It is fit for different levels of egg processing enterprises.

4.High precision,table movement, accurate classification, and zero damage rate.

5. all body of egg tray grading machine is made of stainless steel that is durable and corrosion resistant.

6. we can provide you with different capacities and materials.

7. it adopts gear structure and chain drive, all eggs can keep unbreakable.

8. The special design, light inspection, can detect the quality of the egg

9. The whole operation is simple with low noise and power consumption, 10. The whole process just need 1or 2 people.

11. Self-rolling rubber wheel, automatically adjust the arrangement of eggs.

egg grading machine

The working steps of egg grading machine

1. The operator puts the prepared eggs on the roller belt and the conveyor belt starts to run to the candlelight portion.

2. Optical rays detect the broken eggs that should be removed in time by operator.

3.The delivery system feeds the eggs into the weighing system that can measure the weight of the eggs and determines the egg weight level.

4. The weighed eggs enter the grading section. Eggs with different weights will fall on different channels, the same weight eggs will fall on the same channel.

5. Manually collect eggs from different channels and put them into different egg trays. The entire working is completed.

Company strength

Zhengzhou Taizy Machinery Co., LTD., established in 2011, the leading machinery manufacturer and foreign trading enterprise from China, is headquartered in Zhengzhou, the capital city of Henan province in the middle region of China. Taizy is the integrity of scientific research and development (R&D), manufacturing, technical service and oversea trading of high quality food processing equipment.

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