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Vacuum Tumbler Machine

Vacuum Tumbler Machine
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Vacuum tumbler is a very practical machine in the meat food processing industry. This fully automatic tumbler uses the principle of physical impact to make meat pieces or meat fillings roll up and down in a drum in a vacuum state and impact each other, thereby achieving the effects of friction and pickling. During the rolling process of the vacuum metal tumbler, the pickling liquid is fully absorbed by the meat pieces, which can enhance the binding force and elasticity of the meat and enhance the taste of the product.

Description of the vacuum tumbler marinate machine

The commercial vacuum meat tumbler is the special equipment for curing meat products and mixing raw materials under vacuum. This automatic tumbler can loosen and loosen the fibrous tissue of the block-shaped meat by vacuum situation, making the normal pressure curing into negative pressure curing, and by turning and beating, the static curing is transformed into dynamic curing.

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Under the condition of temperature, the natural marinating can be changed to the intensive marinating, which can greatly improve the working efficiency of meat marinating. In addition to the features of the vacuum tumbler, the automatic vacuum tumbler also has the function of frequency conversion technology, which can make the machine safer, more convenient, and more energy-efficient. This machine is made of stainless steel with a compact structure. The two ends of the drum are equipped with a spinning cap structure, which greatly increases the beating space inside the drum.

Application scope of the vacuum meat tumbler

The vacuum roll kneading machine is suitable for curing sausage, ham, barbecue, poultry, Chinese sauce and brine, leisure meat. It is especially suitable for traditional Chinese food processing. The unique rolling and kneading process of this meat tumbler machine can shorten the time of marinating meat, enhance the taste of food, and play the role of taste, marinating, and weight gain.

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Technical parameters of the vacuum tumbler






380V (50hz) 3 phrase



Rotation speed

10 rpm



Working principle of the vacuum marinate machine

The vacuum rolling machine is in the vacuum state when it working, which can make the meat tender, fully absorb saltwater, and make the protein dissolve through the circular motion of tilting rolling (massage). The vacuum breathing circulation system and vacuum suction device are added to make the rolling effect more tending and the use more convenient.

The vacuum marinating machine is mainly suitable for the curing of raw meat such as steamed ham and sausage, and various kinds of livestock, poultry, and fish products. In the vacuum state, the meat material can accelerate the distribution and absorption of saltwater, promote the dissolution and extraction of the myofibril, improve the product quality and reduce the loss of cooking through the forced circulation massage, beating and standing of the propeller blades. After rolling, the curing time can be shortened and the quality of meat quality can be improved.

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The operation method of the vacuum rolling and kneading machine

1. Clean the vacuum rolling machine before use, and then load. The quantity of loading depends on the volume of the roller. Then cover the drum cover, and turn the handwheel clockwise to compress the tank cover.

2. Adjust the position of BP pointer of the vacuum gauge, set the lower limit as 0.06mpa, and the upper limit as 0.09mpa. Then start the vacuum button, the vacuum pump works and stops when the set pressure is reached.

3. Set the total working time, rolling time, and interval time on the control screen of the electric control box. Set the initial rotation direction and rotation speed on the screen.

4. Press the run key to start the rolling work of the vacuum tumbler. During operation, the parameters such as total working time, rolling time of each section, intermittent time and rotation speed can be changed. When the working time reaches the set time, rolling can be stopped automatically.

5. In the rolling work, if you want to add meat, powder auxiliary materials, or water, you should stop the rolling tank operation and vacuum pumping transmission system, open the additional filler mouth to load, and start the vacuum pumping transmission system after the auxiliary materials and meat are mixed.

6. When discharging, place the hopper car under the discharge port, open the vent valve, reduce the pressure difference inside and outside the drum, turn the handwheel anticlockwise to separate the cross beam from the tank groove, remove the tank cover, and press the manual reverse button to discharge. When the discharge work is finished, the meat marinating machine shall be cleaned to prepare for the next rolling work.

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