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Chicken Claw Peeling Machine Line

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This production line includes such machines as chicken claw peeling machine and chicken claw blanching machine. Most important, the chicken can keep intact without any damage. Confronting with diverse demand from different countries, our company has developed many types machine with different models. In addition, Chicken claw peeling machine also can be called yellow skin removing machine

Chicken claw skin peeling production line (1) Chicken claw skin peeling production line (13)


Two machines bear different parts.Chicken claw peeling machine consists of cylinder body, a rotating plate, an automatic discharge port, a claw skin outlet, a motor and an air pump. Claw blanching machine is composed of automatic turning part, automatic temperature control part, overflow part, heating part, cleaning part and hot water storage part.

Chicken claw skin peeling production line (21)


1.The original smelling of chicken claw will not be changed after stewing

2.This production line automates with hoist that can realize automatic and continuous operation, greatly saving time and energy.

3.Machines are made of high quality stainless steel that is durable and can afford many raw material that improves efficiency.

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