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Chestnut Shedding Machine

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Chestnut shedding machine


Chestnut shedding machine only needs a person to operate. Chestnut shedding machine can be equipped with motor, diesel engine or oil engine for power, drive chestnut shell rotor hammer clockwise rotation. Chestnut bracts are sent from the feeding hopper and broken by repeated impacts between rotor hammer and stator. They fall into the sieve body and shake up and down. Bracts, chestnut and debris are separated and sorted. The machine uses three layers of sieve separation, from the three outlet outflow, to achieve the purpose of separation, collection, can effectively separate the chestnut burr and shell.

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At the same time, the use of large suction fan can make the appearance of chestnut smooth, no abrasion, the effect as artificial hand peeling. The fan can effectively suck out the impurities such as small burrs and leaves on the last layer of sieve, so that the stripped chestnut kernel is clean and free of impurities and can be directly bagged for sale.


Supporting power


Impurity rate



2.2kw four-stage motor

1600 kg/h




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