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Cashew Grading Machine

Cashew Grading Machine
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The cashew fruit grading machine is a very practical machine. Before the cashew nuts are sold, the cashew nuts need to be graded, and the price of the different sizes of cashew nuts is completely different. The manual classification of cashew nuts is not only low efficient but also expensive because of the labor costs. The cashew fruit grader can quickly grade the cashews in a short period of time and ensure the quality of the cashews.

The working principle of the cashew grading machine

The machine consists of a transmission system, a grading system, and a rack.

The cashew nut grading machine can divide the cashew nuts into 3-5 grades, and the machine has a rotating grading cylinder inside. There are small to large meshes inside the grading bucket. During the operation of the machine, the cashew nuts rotate with the grading bucket, and the smaller cashews first leak out from the mesh, and the large cashews are pushed into the next-level mesh to be screened step by step to achieve the classification effect. In general, cashew nuts can be divided into four grades according to their width, 21 mm or less, 21-23 mm, 23-25 mm, and 25 mm or more.

How to use the cashew grading machine

1. Install the machine on a stable floor and follow the instructions to connect the lines inside the machine.

2. Turn on the power of the machine and observe the direction of the machine. It needs to be in the same direction as the arrow.

3. Put the cashew nuts into the feeding inlet of the machine, adjust the feeding speed, and keep the cashews evenly into the classification cylinder.

4. Place a conveyor belt or hopper at the discharge port to receive the graded cashew nuts.

cashew fruit

The parameters of the cashew nut grader






Small size Cashew grading machine

400 kg/h




Large size cashew grading machine





Advantages of the cashew grading machine

1. The structure of this machine is very simple, and the machine is easy to use.

2. High work efficiency, equivalent to more than a dozen workers working at the same time, can save a lot of labor costs.

3. Good sorting effect. 3-5 grades of cashews can be graded at the same time. Each grade of cashew has its own discharge port, so there will be no confusion.

4. The machine is equipped with a cleaning roller to clean the cashew nuts that block the mesh. Prevent cashew nuts from clogging the mesh and affect work efficiency.

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