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Introduction to Fruit and Vegetable Washing Machine:

1. Under the collaborated force of the air bubble washing, material surfing, lifted conveying, high pressures praying and other joint work of the cleaning vegetables, the high cleaning rate, low energy and water consumption rate are all ensured. And the fruit washing machine is built stable and reliable.

2. Fruits and vegetables cleaning machine is mainly applicable to the food standard cleaning for fruits and vegetables;

3. The rinsing water can be recycled after filtration;

4. Vegetable washing machine equipped with mesh belt conveyor as transmission unit, which is convenient and simple to operate

5. The machine can be designed and customized according to the characteristics of customers' requirements on fruit or vegetable deep-processing;

6. The machine is made of quality 304 stainless steel, which is clean, sanitary and tidy.



Working principle of Fruit and Vegetable Washing Machine:

This machine is mainly composed of a water tank, elevator, circulation rinsing pumps, transmission units and other parts. During work, because of the influence of the water pressure, the fruits and vegetables in water are churned violently after washing water filtered by circulation pump, and is washed under pressurized water sprayed from inlet nozzle (nozzle spraying direction can be adjusted). Material being spraying washed under high pressure nozzle, and be conveyed in the direction of discharging port, to the mesh belt air blowing drying machine. Speed of the mesh belt elevator is adjustable (adjust the mesh belt elevator speed to the required production capacity), washed fruits and vegetables are conveyed to the next working procedure (according to user requirements spraying pipes can be mounted above mesh belt conveyer for further spray cleaning). We can also customize different lifting units according to different materials processing.

Applicable scope of Fruit and Vegetable Washing Machine:

Fruit and vegetable washing machine manufactured by Shuliy Machinery is mainly applicable to washing processing of potatoes, pepper, corn, Chinese cabbage, lotus root, carrots and other vegetables and hawthorn, peach, apple, jujube and other fruits and scallops, oysters, fish and shrimp and other seafood products. According to the requirements of customers of different production needs and on outputs of fruit washing machine can be tailored. According to customer requests the washing machine can also be customized for the production of a complete set of food production line. Customers can buy equipment meeting the needs of production at the lowest price.



Our certificates:

Shuliy is verified by SGS, ISO, CE and BV certifications. Shuliy was entitled as “contract abiding enterprise” and “advanced enterprise of safe production” of China.


1. Are you manufacturer?

Yes, we are. Welcome to visit our factory.

2. Can you change the machine voltage as our request?

Yes, we can.

3. How about your after-sales service?

Our engineer can go outside to install and train your workers to operate the full machine line.

4. Warranty time of your machine?

1 year except for consumable spare parts.

5. How about delivery time of your machine?

Generally it needs 5-15 days for big machines or producing line,and it will be much longer but within our negotiated delivery time.

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