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Brush-type Cleaning Machine

Brush-type Cleaning Machine
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Brush-type Cleaning machine

Brief introduction

The potato brush cleaning machine is suitable for the sorting and cleaning of various vegetables and fruits such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, cassava, radish, bamboo shoots, onions, ginger peanuts, etc. It can also peel skin with a hard brush, or uses food belts and box-level brush to convey and. The rotating brush equipped with a high-pressure spray can effectively peel the skin and then clean it. The sweet potato peeling and cleaning machine is designed and manufactured by Shuliy machinery according to the characteristics of plants. Adopting to brushing principle, it is widely applied to round and oval fruits and vegetables.


We have many types potato cleaning machine with different parameter,and its capacity is from 500kg/h to 1800kg/h. You can choose proper one according to your requirement .


1.The machine is beautiful in appearance and convenient in operation,

2. high efficiency, low energy consumption, continuous cleaning, and long service life.

3.The brush roller material is processed by special process (using nylon wire rope rolling) , which is durable

4.The cabinet is made of 304 stainless steel high quality that is also non-corrosive and clean.

5.The brushing machine bears many functions and is sold all over the world.

6.The brush cleaning machine is equipped with a circulatory water pump and filter water tank to realize cyclic cleaning, saving and replacing new water according to the reality.

7.The conveyor belt motor can change speed.. The vegetables to be washed are transported through the net chain, and the material is fed and discharged automatically. It also can be adjusted according to needs.






















How to operate potato cleaning machine?

1. Clean the water tank and fill it with water. Fill the main tank with water until there is water overflow at the port.

2. Start the conveyor belt motor to make the belt run normally in the correct direction.

3. Start the vortex pump and inject air into the water to make it toss.

4. Open the spray pipe valve to spray water evenly on the mesh belt.

5. Check all running parts and make sure that it can work after normal operation.

The working principle of brush-type cleaning machine?

1.The material falls into the water, and it is stirred and cleaned with the tumbled water in the tank.

2.After the heavy dirt such as the sediment is separated, it falls into the sedimentation area under the filter, and the material is gradually moved to the conveyor network by the water.

3.The belt is lifted out of the inner tank, and then spray-washed to wash the material and enter the following process.

4.The washed rinse is intercepted by a filter.

5.During the operation, the water supply pipe and the sprinkler pipe always supply water, so that the sewage in the water tank is gradually replaced.

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