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Black Garlic Fermentation Machine

Black Garlic Fermentation Machine
Black garlic fermenter is a equipment to ferment to black garlic, and the processed black garlic has rice glutamic acid, which is able to improve the immunity of human. What’s more, when you cook, you can add some black garlic into the dish, and it can enhance the taste. All in all, black garlic is a nutritive food in our daily life, so the black garlic fermenter is very popular in high-end hotels, supermarkets, organic food chains and foreign organic supermarkets etc.
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1. It is necessary for raw garlic to have intact skin, and it should pass the specific agricultural residues test.

2. The garlic loss water or wilt if the fermentation temperature is below 5 degrees Celsius, which will speed up the growth of microorganism and and shorten the storage time.

3. The cold storage should be proper, otherwise, it is harmful to the subsequent enzymatic fermentation reaction.

4. The fermenter shall be suitable for the size of garlic, and garlic needs to be cleaned by professional washing machine before working.

5. The long rinsing time will affect the next fermentation, generally, it should be 1 minute.

How to make black garlic?

Black garlic fermenter

The fermentation temperature is divided into three stages including medium fermentation temperature, normal fermentation temperature and sterilization of finished products.

Black garlic fermenter

Analytical accuracy

temperature: ±0.01 °C; humidity: ±0.1% R.H

Temperature range

normal temperature to +90 °C

Temperature fluctuation


Temperature uniformity

± 1.0 ° C

Heating rate

2 ° C -4 ° C / min

Cooling rate

0.7 ° C -1 ° C / min

Humidity range

20% -98%R.H

Humidity fluctuation

±2.0% R.H

Humidity deviation

± 2%

Advantage of black garlic fermenter

1. Fermentation machine adopts 5 inch imported TEMI850 touch screen, and the screen display is intuitive and easy to operate, and the data can be saved permanently.

1. With 5 inch imported TEMI850 touch screen, black garlic fermenter is very easy to operate.

2. All the operation are automatic.

3. The final black garlic is equipped with high quality.

4. The flow control technology really achieve the energy saving.

5. The black garlic fermenter matches with alarm that can cut off the power if the voltage is disable.

Black garlic fermenter


1. What should i do if the heating system and the humidification system are abnormal?

Stop the the controller.

2. Will the final black garlic be broken?

No, it won’t break.

3. What is the component of heating system?

PID adjustment, AC contactor, over-temperature protection system.

Black garlic fermenter

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