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Automatic Vegetable Blanching Machine

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Automatic Vegetable Blanching Machine

The automatic vegetable blanching machine is the essential device in banana chips and French chips processing industry for pre-processing before further procedures. By the means of blanching and pre-processing, it means through this procedure, the freshness, healthy color, nutrition, and luster of fruit and vegetable are preserved to the maximum. Meanwhile, the blanching procedure plays a role of odor remover of vegetables without causing damage to the tissue and natural flavor. During the vegetable blanching process, the fruit and vegetable cells and texture are softened so as to facilitate the following process, for instance, dehydration, frying, and flavoring. Vegetable and fruit blanching machine is widely applied in food processing industry including potato chips production line, banana chip production line, pickle production line, etc. Also blanching play a major role in pretreatment of quick-freezing food producing.


I. Parameter and characteristics of the potato chips blanching machine

1. Large blanching capacity for process 300kg -1500kg of raw material per hour.

2. The fruit and vegetable blanching speed can be adjusted by the speed regulator depending on the production requirements of various vegetables.

3. With intelligent temperature adjustment mounted, the blanching, boiling temperature can be limited within the 80- 90℃.

4. Water consumption for vaporing: 0.5t /h * 0.5mpa for each ton of raw material boiling and blanching.

5. The insulated interlayer is adopted for heat preservation and to ensure the safe working of the operators during high temperature operation.

6. The layout of the production line can be designed and arranged into "I" or "L".

7. Except the electric motor and bearing parts, the vegetable, fruit blanching line is characterized by its stainless steel construction, which meet the international standard on food hygiene.

II. Prominent characteristics of the vegetable and fruit blanching machine

1. The vegetable and fruit blanching machine is made of high quality stainless steel including the inner blanching tank to ensure the food hygiene safety during food processing.

2. In addition to vegetable pre-processing and blanching, the vegetable blanching machine also has the additional function of sterilization.

3. The mineral wool insulation interlayer is mounted to save energy consumption for water heating and to avoid burning accident.

4. The vegetable potato chips blanching machine has a thermo regulator equipped to remain the water temperature within 90 ℃.

5. The electric central control cabinet is mounted hung on side of the blanching machine tightly.

Processing procedure:

Blanching—cooling down—dehydrating

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