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Semi-automatic Charcoal Production Line

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Semi-automatic Charcoal Production Line

Brief introduction:

In recent years, charcoal plays a more and more important role in daily life and industrial production, and it’s market demand is also growing, therefore, the term charcoal making machine is also accompanied by the rise of charcoal and becomes internationalization. And the machine-made charcoal produced by semi-automatic charcoal production line gradually replace people's original kiln burning charcoal, let people's production costs greatly reduced, production profits greatly doubled. Semi-automatic charcoal production line is a variety of charcoal equipment combination of short.


The main equipment of semi-automatic charcoal production line includes crusher, screw conveyor, rotary dryer machine, sawdust briquette machine and carbonization furnace. Semi-automatic charcoal production line of raw materials can be sawdust, rice husk, fruit shell, straw, logs, branches, scraps and other materials.

Working principle:

Generally speaking, the production process of semi-automatic charcoal production line is as follows:


The semi-automatic charcoal production line is mainly used to crush the granule raw materials within 10mm, which are transported by the screw conveyor to the rotary dryer machine for drying, and then transported by the screw conveyor to the sawdust briquette machine. The sawdust briquette machine further extrudes the materials and forms them into rods which are put into the carbonization furnace for carbonization.

1. There are a lot of raw materials for the production of charcoal, including agricultural and forestry wastes, such as wood chips, straw wood, wood branches, rice husk, bamboo sawdust, peanut shells and sunflower shells, etc.


2. The crusher is suitable for crushing straw or log with diameter less than 200mm. The output diameter of the crushed material is less than 10mm.

3. For raw materials with water content of more than 12%, it is necessary to use the rotary dryer machine for drying. The hot air in the rotary dryer machine is mixed with the wet material to reduce the moisture of the material to less than 10%. The dried material is fed into the sawdust briquette machine by a screw conveyor.


4. The material enters from the feed port of the sawdust briquette machine and is extruded into a shaped rod by high temperature and pressure. The molds of the outlet of the sawdust briquette machine can be changed to facilitate the production of various shapes of rod.

5. The rod is carbonized into the final finished charcoal by the carbonization furnace. Pay attention to control the temperature and carbonization time in the furnace. The size and type of carbonization furnace can be selected according to the specific production requirements of customers.


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