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Charcoal Briquette Making Machine

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New crop straw charcoal briquette making machine

Brief introduction:

New charcoal briquette making machine is a kind of molding equipment to squeeze raw materials into a certain shape, the machine is widely used in a variety of charcoal production lines to produce popular machine-made charcoal. According to its raw materials the bar making machine can be divided into wood chips bar making machine, rice husk briquette machine, sawdust bar machine, etc., this equipment is the main molding equipment to produce machine-made charcoal.


The rod-making machine can crush the bamboo, wood chips, fruit shells, straw (including rice straw, wheat straw, cotton stalk, corn stalk), rice husk, coconut husk and other materials with water content less than 10% through a series of processes including screw propeller, heating ring, forming cylinder and cone sleeve, squeeze the loose raw materials into rod-shaped solid wage rod with central hole (generally in the shape of four corners and six corners), and prepare for the next step of carbonization.

Working principle:


2012-10-27 16.46

Rice husk briquette machine is a device that makes use of sawdust, rice husk, straw, branches and other wooden materials to make the materials into rod-like solid fuel under high pressure and high temperature. Charcoal bar making machine with a temperature indicator, according to the work needs to set the temperature, stable and convenient operation. In particular, the sawdust bar making machine and rice husk bar making machine have internal superconducting tube, can make the temperature rise quickly. Shaping drum can be made into a variety of shapes, the common ones are round, quadrangle and hexagonal, etc.


Main features:

1. New crop straw charcoal briquette making machine with reasonable design, reliable quality, simple structure, comprehensive function and labor saving, which has a strong applicability, all kinds of materials can easily be molded into the bar.

2. The forming cylinder of the sawdust briquette machine is made of high wear-resisting steel composite, with high toughness and hardness. Working life is much higher than the products of the same industry.

3. The heating ring is made of special materials, with fast heating and even temperature, and the finished product is of good quality.


Technical parameters:





Capacity ( kg/h)





15 kw

18.5 kw

22 kw

Electric heating power




Dimension (mm)




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