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Municipal Solid Waste Carbonization Furnace

Municipal Solid Waste Carbonization Furnace
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Municipal Solid Waste Carbonization furnace

Nowadays, waste resources recycling has to be a vital issue so that each country is paying attention to make full use of all kinds of wastes. Because only by reusing the wastes can save limited resources and reduce environmental pollution. The progress of science and technology, especially the continuous development of charcoal machine technology, make it possible to turn the solid wastes into charcoal.

continuous carbonization furnace

Municipal solid waste carbonization machine has a wide application for carbonizing nearly all kinds of wastes, like living garbage, medical wastes, cans, and foil paper. Before carbonizing, some wastes need to be sorted through because there are still some resources can be reused in our daily life. Solid waste carbonization furnace can greatly save much space, protect the environment and recycle the global resources.

How does the solid waste carbonization furnace work?


With the mature carbonization technology for carbonizing all the biomass wastes into high-quality charcoal, Shuliy machinery also designed the new type of solid waste carbonization furnace. Same like the rice husk charcoal making machine, coconut shell charcoal machine, sugarcane bagasse charcoal making machine and palm kernel shell charcoal machine, the solid waste charcoal making machine also can carbonize the garbage directly.

Aluminium Waste

Solid waste carbonization furnace has a wide application for carbonizing all kinds of waste materials. As for the wastes with large size, we can use the crusher to crush it first so that can reduce the carbonization time and enhance the carbonization efficiency when carbonizing. And if the wastes’ moisture content is big, we should use the dryer machine to dry it before carbonizing. The solid waste continuous carbonization furnace is a new type of charcoal machine with mature charcoal making technology, which can carbonize the waste materials in a continuous and automatic way.

The advantages of solid waste carbonizer?

municipal waste

1. This garbage carbonization technology has the huge advantages of low investment, small occupied land, low running cost, short construction period, easy site selection and simple handling technology when comparing with other waste disposal methods such as landfill, compost, and incineration.

2. This solid waste carbonization furnace is in line with the sustainable development strategy of the world economic cycle to develop the carbonization technology of household waste and popularize this new green technology. It is of more positive significance to world environmental protection and new energy development.

carbonization furnace

3. Except for the solid waste, this furnace also has huge advantages for carbonizing other materials, like coconut shell, rice husk, palm kernel shell, sugarcane bagasse and so on. You can make great profits by using this multi-functional charcoal machine. It is a new trend for turning wastes into renewable energy sources in the future so that the solid waste charcoal making machine can fully meet the eco-friendly requirements to make charcoal.

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