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Large Output Environmental Protection Carbonization Furnace

Brief introduction:

The large output environmental protection carbonization furnace is one kind of charcoal machine equipment which can carry on the continuous carbonization and the massive production charcoal.

The continuous carbonizing furnace can not only directly carbonize straw, rice husk, wood, sawdust, coconut husk and other materials with external dimensions less than or equal to 15 mm, but also can deal with all kinds of waste, such as paper mill waste, wood processing factory waste, all kinds of plastic and medical waste. Charred charcoal can be used in industrial metallurgy, chemical pharmaceutical, cosmetics and textile industries and other production fields.


Large output charcoal furnace is widely used in the mechanism of charcoal production line, with the use of a series of carbonization machine equipment, such as crusher, dryer, bar making machine to produce high-quality charcoal. In addition, the furnace can directly and continuously carbonize raw materials, save carbonization time, improve carbonization efficiency and charcoal output.

Working principle:

Continuous carbonization furnace is mainly composed of biomass gasifier, flue gas purifier, fan, self-matching gas burner, condensing device, etc. In the process of operation, when the continuous carbonization furnace starts to heat up, a heat source is needed to heat the carbonization furnace.


When the carbonization furnace is heated to a certain temperature, the raw materials in the carbonization furnace begin to carbonize, and the flue gas generated by carbonization is purified and cooled to become a combustible gas, which can be used as the carbonization heat source again. Coking furnace after about 30 minutes, charcoal powder from furnace into the cooling system for cooling, charcoal powder temperature rapidly by around 400 ℃ down to about 20-30 ℃, then charcoal powder can be exported and bagged.

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Main features:

1.The large output environmental protection carbonization furnace can work continuously, and the raw material can enter from the inlet and output from the outlet continuously, which saves the cooling time and production time of charcoal, and has high production efficiency and large output.

2.The carbonization process focuses on the collection and treatment of flue gas, which solves the problems such as low traditional carbonization production efficiency, high labor intensity, large flue gas and serious pollution in the carbonization process, and truly realizes the efficient and reasonable utilization of renewable resources.

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Technical parameters:
















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