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Hoisting Carbonization Furnace

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Hoisting carbonization furnace

Hoisting carbonization furnace

Brief introduction:

The main structure of hoisting carbonization furnace includes furnace body, furnace cover, heating chamber, exhaust pipe, hanger, etc. An inner container is arranged in the chamber of the furnace body, and a sealing cover is installed on the inner container. The upper edge of the inner container is fixedly provided with the annular flange that folds downward, and the annular flange that folds downward is buckled and installed with the annular sealing ring that is fixedly fixed in the inner part of the furnace chamber. Fixed lifting lugs are respectively installed on the side wall of the inner container, the sealing cover and the furnace cover.

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Working principle:

This new practical lifting hoisting carbonization furnace is used in which the carbonizing inner container and combustion chamber are separated. The hoisting carbonization furnace adopts independently installable inner container for carbonization. A hoisting carbonization furnace body can be configured with more than one inner container, so that the continuous carbonization work of the carbonization furnace can be realized. When the first carbonization work in the furnace body is completed, the inner chamber of the carbonization furnace can be removed and cooled by the hanger, and then another carbonization inner chamber filled with bars is put into the furnace body with the hanger, and the carbonization work is continued.

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Main features:

1. When replacing the inner container, there is no need to do preheating treatment, and the cooling of the inner container is completely separated from the furnace body, which greatly improves the carbonization efficiency, saves the number of equipment, and saves labor and expenditure.2. The hoisting carbonization furnace has good sealing effect, simple and novel overall structure, simple and safe operation, easy to manufacture, which is very suitable for charcoal manufacturers to carry out large-scale production of machine-made charcoal.

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3. Hoisting carbonization furnace is widely used in charcoal production line, with high carbonization efficiency and long service life.

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