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Dry Powder Briquette Press Machine

Dry Powder Briquette Press Machine
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With the environmental protection requirements and the automation of the production process, powder granulation technology is one of the most important branches of powder particle processing, and its importance has become increasingly prominent. Powder product pellets have become an inevitable trend in the world of powder post-processing technology.
The toner tableting machine mainly processes various powdery raw materials into pellets of various shapes, and is mainly used for producing soot.
Our machines can adjust the diameter of the product, the size and hardness of the product can be adjusted according to the needs.








40 times/m,piece/m



Working process

This machine uses a dry rolling process to compress a powdery material with a small water content into a tablet, and then crushes it into a granule to form a granule to satisfy the use requirements. This machine primarily uses external pressure to force the material to compress into layered particles by the action between two relatively rotating rolls. During the rolling process, the actual density of the material can be increased by 1.5 to 3 times to achieve a certain particle strength requirement.

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