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Continuous Biomass Charcoal Furnace

Continuous Biomass Charcoal Furnace
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continuous biomass charcoal furnace

Biomass carbonizing machine for sale

Through 20 years’ development of all kinds of charcoal machine, our Shuliy Machinery has become a professional manufacturing company for providing users with high-quality charcoal making machines. Supported by the advanced technicians, we have mastered the newest carbonizing technology for turn the biomass wastes which are mainly from agriculture and forest into treasures.

This kind of new carbonization furnace can carbonize the biomass materials like rice husk, coconut shell, peanut shell, wood, branches, corn stem, sawdust, and wood chips. And the biochar we produced in our charcoal machine has wide usage in our life, such as mosquito-repellent incense, barbecue charcoal and hookah charcoal, industries of paint, cosmetics, ink, chemicals, rubber and so on.


Characteristics of biomass charcoal making machine

How to make charcoal from the biomass materials? Our series of continuous biomass carbonization furnace can give you the best guidance for choosing the charcoal making machines. The biomass carbonization machine refers to turning biomass wastes into the charcoal, combustible gas, wood vinegar, and wood tar through a series of reactions and processing stages, including high-temperature pyrolysis, smoke emission, sulfur release, and charcoal enrichment.

It adopts the advanced carbonized technology heat flow, the carbonized rate increased significantly. The carbonized rate is about 80%, which can also up to 99%. And the operation is very convenient, good safety, high production efficiency, good performance.


The reasons for choosing Shuliy biomass charcoal making machine

1.Continuous carbonizing with the high working capacity

The continuous charcoal furnace realizes the advanced production technology of continuous feeding, continuous carbonization and continuous discharging of final charcoal, which breaks through the traditional problem of the carbonization equipment cannot doing continuous production of charcoal, greatly improve the production efficiency.

2.Intelligent control and safe operation

This biomass charcoal machine adopts the intelligent control system, which can save the labor force and costs. It has realized the highly effective, the automation and the intellectualized charcoal production and safe operation of the charcoal machine.


3.Less pollution and low consumption

This equipment can realize the joint production of charcoal and other high value-added products like wood tar and wood vinegar, which solves the technical defects of traditional equipment such as high energy consumption, high pollution and low efficiency in the production process and brings a lot of profits to the users.

4.High economic profits

This charcoal furnace is a kind of charcoal machine that can turn wastes into treasures and has low investment but high return. Through the advanced carbonizing process, the charcoal from biomass has excellent quality and large potential to be welcomed in the market. These good charcoal can be widely used in many fields for a different purpose because of its high caloric value. In addition, biomass charcoal is also an ideal material to produce activated carbon, especially in the cosmetics industry.



1.Q: Could you offer a complete production line for making charcoal?

A: Yes, of course. We will allocate a suitable production line according to your special requirements, such as crusher, screw conveyor, dryer, sawdust briquette machine, carbonization furnace and so on.

2.Q: How do I know about the details and quality of your machine?

A: First, we have product brochures covering all details including parameters, raw materials, output, etc. of most of our production lines; secondly, we can provide you with videos filmed on-site with details about the working process and how mechanical parts work during operation; at last, you are warmly welcomed for on-site inspection at our factories.

About our company:

Shuliy machinery is a complete environmental protection technology and machinery suppliers, especially in the charcoal machine production technology has many years of production practice experience, our company's charcoal machine production line is widely used in branches, rice husks, straw, sawdust, bamboo chips, peanut shell, tea seed shell, fruit shell, weeds, and other recycling.

The main equipment includes wood crusher, wood shaving machine, wood chipper, drum wood chipper, airflow dryer machine, rotary dryer machine, sawdust briquette machine, carbonization furnace, coal extruder machine, charcoal briquette machine, coal ball press machine, honeycomb charcoal briquette machine, shisha charcoal press machine and so on, and many types of equipment are available.

Because our mechanical equipment is more practical, product design is more humanized, more convenient to operate and use, but also more energy-saving and environmental protection, can meet the different needs of customers, but also according to the specific needs of the market and customers to provide customized charcoal machine production line overall plan.

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