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Coal Powder Briquetting Machine

Coal Powder Briquetting Machine
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Introduction of ball press machine:

The coal powder briquetting machine uses a built-in screw to extrude pulverized coal, carbon powder and other materials, and can be extruded into a rod shape. Compared to other shapes such as circles, the density of the rods is higher, so the duration of sustainable combustion will be longer.

Our charcoal pulverized coal ball making machine will transmit power to two press rolls through a reducer.
The two rollers rotate simultaneously and the material enters the rolling mode as the roller rotates. The pressure on the material becomes smaller and the pressure of the material has reached a peak when the material is in contact with the two rolls. Under the great pressure, the powder material can be pressed into a compact spherical shape.

The coal powder briquetting machine can be used to suppress various powder wastes.It can press these materials into a sphere. So we can also provide different molds according to your requirements.


Fast running speed and advanced fast device ensure the user's production needs.

Strong anti-interference ability and low failure rate.

The whole body adopts integral steel structure, high strength, ensuring long-term production of equipment will not be deformed, good stability, no need to install anchor screws, ensuring stable operation of the equipment, improving the working time and service life of the machine.

It adopts hydraulic transmission, highly professional integral valve block and large flow path, which makes the system pressure loss less and eliminates the drawbacks of leakage.

Parameters of ball press machine:

Model TZ


Annual output

Motor power






4 Ton


7.5 KW


6 Ton

15000 Ton

11 KW

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