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Coal Dust Briquetting Machine

Coal Dust Briquetting Machine
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The carbon powder tableting machine is also called shisha charcoal briquette machine, which suitable for making small wafers with charcoal. The output charcoal briquettes have high density, perfect uniform shape and good appearance. It is easy to burn at the same time, has no odor and lasts longer.

The equipment is mainly used in charcoal powder, pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries. The machine is a single-pressure automatic tablet press, which can press various powder materials into a sheet shape. The machine is designed to GMP standards and is packaged in stainless steel for easy operation and maintenance. The machine has the characteristics of small size, neat appearance, safety alarm system, vacuuming and low noise.

The main features of the charcoal powder tableting machine:
1. Special design for lightweight powder materials.
2. User-friendly design, easy to clean and maintain.
3. The transmission system in the main gearbox is completely separated, which can effectively reduce noise and reduce wear.

Parameters of







40 times/m,piece/m



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