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Charcoal Powder Making Machine

Charcoal Powder Making Machine
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Introduction of Charcoal Powder Making Machine

It can press charcoal powder into stick shapes, with a hole or without a hole. It can press the powders into different shapes by changing different molds.

Features of Charcoal Powder Making Machine

1. First forming after carbonization, so that the original five processes reduced to two;

2. The service life of wearing parts is increased from the original 40 hours to 4000 hours;

3. Reduce the cost of electricity by 60%;

4. The production of rod makers increased 2-3 times;

5. The cost per ton of carbon powder molding machine decreased by 800 yuan;

6. The operation is greatly reduced;

7. Weak carbon becomes high-quality carbon, and high-quality carbon becomes special carbon. Weak carbon content increased from 60% to 70-75%; high-quality content to more than 83%, so that the market greatly expanded;

8. The host configuration automatic pressure, automatic exposure equal length cutting device;

9. The product shape and more; according to customer requirements to do a variety of shapes of charcoal powder molding products.



Host machine size(m)






Working Process


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