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Disc Wood Chipper

Disc Wood Chipper
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Disc wood chipper to make logs and branches into wood chips

Brief introduction of disc type wood chipper

A disc wood chipper is a high-quality machine, which is also known as the wood slicer that can be widely used in the preparation section of papermaking, particleboard, medium-density fiberboard, and other industrial production sections and single wood chip production base. The disc wood chipper is ideal equipment for processing wood, branches, logs, board, bamboo, cornstalk, reed, and wood fiber rod, etc. There are many types of wood chipper, mainly includes disc type wood chipper and drum type wood chipper. We can also customize the special model according to our clients’ requirements for different working capacity.

Disc Wood Chipper

The wood chipper can also be divided into fixed types and mobile types mainly to fit different working places. For example, in the wood processing plant, we can set the fixed wood chipper for going on continuous and high-volume production of wood chips. And as for the mobile type wood chipper, it can be fixed in a bracket with wheels and drove by the tractor so that it can be moved flexibly and is very suitable for working in forests or mountainous places.

How does the disc wood chipper work?

The wood chipper can crusher wood, logs and branches with a diameter of 550mm or less. The wood chips after cutting will be with the same length, uniform size, and even thickness. The wood is fed into through feed port, when it touches to cut blade, along with the cutting knife plate of high-speed rotation to peel and cut, at last, these wood pieces are sent out through high-speed steam-flow produced by fan blade in the knife plate.

cutting disk

The wood chipper can also cut hard material, plate and so on. It is suitable for textile, pulp mills, forestry yards, paper mills, particleboard mills, fiberboard mills, and wood chip mills. Disc wood chipper can be widely used in medium and small particleboard and fiberboard production enterprises material preparation section, but it also can be used for individual production of commercial wood chips. The wood chipper can cut wood materials into high-quality wood chips.

Hot selling disc wood chipper machine structure

As for the disc wood chipper machine, the feeding inlet can divide into two types: flat feeding and inclined feeding. The common type of disc wood chipper is for small scale production of wood chips. For this type, the inlet is inclined, which is convenient for processing wood with a small diameter and the exit is the upward type, which is convenient for the machine to spurt the cut wood chips quickly.

Disc Wood Chipper

If you want to do the large scale of wood chips production, you can choose another type of wood chipper machine which has a flat inlet and a downward outlet and can equip with the conveyor. Both the inlet and outlet can equip with conveyor because the materials to be chipped with a larger diameter and are heavier in this type of wood chipper. The disc wood chipper machine is mainly made up of the base, feed port, cutter head, casing, chopping blade, and electronic control, the machine can adjust the cutting blade as needed and produce different specifications and thickness of the wood chips.

Advantages of the disc wood chipper

1. The wood chipper machine has a compact and reasonable structure and has the features of simple operation and large production capacity.

2. It can produce high-quality wood chips with low energy consumption per unit of wood chips. It is a piece of ideal equipment for producing high-quality wood chips.

3. The disc wood chipper adopts a wear-resisting chromium plate structure, which can greatly prolong the service life.


Technical parameters of the wood chipper:



Feed size




























Disc Wood Chipper


1. Q:How does the machine fit our voltage?

A:Before shipping the machine, our sales will confirm with the customers about the voltage.

2. Q: Could we visit your factory and test the machine?

A: We warmly welcome you to visit our factory anytime, and we are very glad to test our machine with your raw materials.

Our company

Shuliy machinery is a complete environmental protection technology and machinery suppliers, especially in the charcoal machine production technology has many years of production experience, our company’s charcoal machine production line is widely used in branches, rice husks, straw, sawdust, bamboo chips, peanut shell, fruit shell, and other recycling wastes.

The main equipment includes wood crusher, wood shaving machine, wood chipper, drum wood chipper, airflow dryer machine, rotary dryer machine, sawdust briquette machine, carbonization furnace, coal extruder machine, charcoal briquette machine, coal ball press machine, honeycomb charcoal briquette machine, shisha charcoal press machine and so on.

Our mechanical equipment is more practical, product design is more humanized, more convenient to operate and use, but also more energy-saving and environmental protection, can meet the different needs of customers. We welcome you to inquire about the charcoal machines and to visit our charcoal machine factory, we can provide free reception and considerate service for your coming.

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