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Charcoal Production Line

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Introduction of Charcoal Production Line

It designed and produced by our factory is integrated the most advanced mechanism of the current carbon molding process; it equipped with the best coal rod machine and the best dryer system. This whole set has these supporting device: belt conveyor, roller screening machine, screw feeder, batching machine, steel mesh conveyor and stick smoke smoke extractor.


1. The equipment can fully realize the pipeline operation of mechanism carbon.

2. The equipment is equipped with a drum drying system, and the effect is high.

3. The unique drying material cooling system is currently the first in the country.

4. The entire part of the transmission part of the motor we all use the MB, JWB series of variable speed motors.

5. Integrated motor protection.

Working Process

Step1:Wood Crusher--It is used to crush the wood into sawdust(3mm).

Step2: Dryer--If the moisture of the powder is more than 12%. Then you can use this machine. This machine is used to dry the sawdust to 8%-12% for good working of briquette machine.

Step3: Charcoal Briquette machine--It is used to make the sawdust into a briquette. The moisture of the powder should be from 8-12% for good working.

Step4: Carbonization furnace--It is used to carbonize the final sawdust briquette to charcoal briquette


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