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Charcoal Briquettes Cutter Machine

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Charcoal briquettes cutter machine

How to make charcoal briquettes?

When refers to make charcoal, we know that we can use carbonization furnace to carbonize the coconut shell, rice husk, peanut shell, sawdust, palm kernel shell, bamboo, straw, wood chips, branches and other agricultural and forestry wastes directly. However, what should we do after carbonizing of these raw materials? These charcoal blocks with irregular shapes are not so popular in the market. Therefore, we can use the charcoal briquette machine to mold the charcoal powder into a uniform shape which is more attractive in the market and sells well.

Charcoal Briquettes Cutter Machine

Before to make charcoal briquettes, we should use the special charcoal crusher to crush the charcoal blocks into pieces or powder. Then we should add the appropriate amount of water and adhesive into the charcoal powder and mix them evenly with the wheel grinding mixer. After that, we use the charcoal briquette machine to extrude the wet charcoal powder into charcoal rods. The cutter machine mainly is used to cut the charcoal rods with a certain length which you can adjust.

bbq charcoal and hookah/shisha charcoal

When making high-quality bbq charcoal or hookah/shisha charcoal, we can use all kinds of charcoal briquette machine like charcoal ball press machine, tablet or cubic shisha charcoal press machine and so on. All these charcoal machines can press the charcoal powder or coal powder into a certain shape directly in an automatic way. In addition, there is another type of charcoal briquette machine with small size in our Shuliy machinery, which can also provide the independent cutter machine for cutting charcoal briquettes with different lengths or shapes. It’s working effects are also amazing like other charcoal machines.


Two types of cutter machine for cutting charcoal briquettes

Here we mainly introduce two common cutting devices that can work together with charcoal briquette machine. Both of the two cutting machines have high working efficiency and simple structure, which are very suitable for commercial production of the charcoal or coal products. And they are very economical so that many users can afford it with less money.

High-speed cutter machine with conveyor

charcoal briquette machine with cutter and conveyor

This kind of cutter machine has a beautiful appearance and good performance. It is very suitable for cutting charcoal briquettes and coal briquettes. The cutter with a small size is always be set at the outlet of the charcoal briquette machine with a flat conveyor. It has a special system which mainly includes the electric closet and air compressor. When the cutter machine is working, the charcoal or coal briquettes will be cut at a uniform speed, and the cut briquettes will be transported forward. We can also set the charcoal dryer machine and charcoal packing machine in the charcoal production line.

Main features:

Charcoal Briquettes Cutter Machine

High working efficiency and high cutting speed.

The cutting speed and the length of the charcoal briquettes can be adjusted by setting up the cutter machine.

Easy to install and maintain, safe and reliable operation.

Cubic shisha/hookah charcoal special cutting device


This cutting device with many blades which are set in a horizontal bearing can make cubic hookah charcoal in large scale. This kind of cutter machine also has a very simple structure and beautiful appearance. The cutter is always set on the middle of the flat conveyor to cut the shisha charcoal rods which are produced by the charcoal briquette machine. This cutting device includes two motors which can drive the conveyor and the cutter. When the hookah charcoal rods are made by the charcoal briquette machine, we can collect them and put them on the conveyor manually. Then the charcoal rods are cut by the blades quickly and then transported by the conveyor.

Main features:


Large output of high-quality hookah charcoal.

This cutting device can be widely used in charcoal production line.

Long service life and easy maintenance.

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1. Q: Could we visit your factory of charcoal machine and test the machine?

A: We warmly welcome you to visit our charcoal machine factory anytime, and we are very glad to test our machine with your raw materials.

2. Q: Could you offer a complete production line for making charcoal?

A: Yes, of course. We will allocate a suitable production line according to your special requirements, such as crusher, screw conveyor, dryer, sawdust briquette machine, carbonization furnace and so on.

About our company:

Shuliy machinery is a complete environmental protection technology and machinery suppliers, especially in the charcoal machine production technology has many years of production practice experience, our company's charcoal machine production line is widely used in branches, rice husks, straw, sawdust, bamboo chips, peanut shell, tea seed shell, fruit shell, weeds, and other recycling.

The main equipment includes wood crusher, wood shaving machine, wood chipper, drum wood chipper, airflow dryer machine, rotary dryer machine, sawdust briquette machine, carbonization furnace, coal extruder machine, charcoal briquette machine, coal ball press machine, honeycomb charcoal briquette machine, shisha charcoal press machine and so on, and many types of equipment are available.

Because our mechanical equipment is more practical, product design is more humanized, more convenient to operate and use, but also more energy-saving and environmental protection, can meet the different needs of customers, but also according to the specific needs of the market and customers to provide customized charcoal machine production line overall plan.

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