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It is also named charcoal bar forming machine, it is the most important part of the mechanism for charcoal production. It makes waste material such as: bamboo, wood, husk, straw, etc. with a moisture content of less than 12%, through high-temperature and high-pressure process to squeeze a rod-shaped solid bar with a center hole to prepare for the next step of charring without any binder.

It has these types: V-type wood briquette machine, VI-type wood briquette machine, high-density wood briquette machine and catalytic wood briquette machine.

The wood chip briquetting machine presses wood chips, wood chip powder and the like into a high temperature mechanical rod. For countries around the world, the shape can be customized according to customer requirements. Common molds such as: square, hexagon, etc.

The wood chip briquetting machine can make the wood chips into wooden sticks, which can then be carbonized at high temperatures, and the final product is a charcoal mechanism.

This factory sells barbecued biomass wood sawdust rice husk charcoal briquettes manufacturing machines for making rod-shaped charcoal and coal briquettes from charcoal dust or coal dust. The length of the agglomerates made from the extruder can be adjusted by cutting. This machine can be used for barbecue charcoal and hookah charcoal. There are many types of extruders that are popular in the world market due to their low cost, beautiful appearance and high efficiency.











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