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Sawdust Briquette Charcoal Making Machine

Sawdust Briquette Charcoal Making Machine
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The sawdust briquette charcoal making machine has an automatic thermostat function that maintains a stable temperature environment during operation. The body is made of high-quality processing materials, carefully designed, simple and reasonable structure, and easy to operate.
The charcoal produced by this charcoal machine is regular in shape and easy to burn. Compared with the traditional processing method, the charcoal produced by the machine has less residual residue and makes full use of raw materials. Not only protects the environment, but also saves users money.


1. This machine is made of high quality materials, with reasonable design and good quality.
2. Using a fully automatic heating system, the heating time and temperature are controllable, and the dryness and wetness of the material can be adjusted as required.
3. The materials used in the fuselage and parts of this machine are made of high-quality stainless steel and high-quality alloy materials. They are tested repeatedly before leaving the factory and can be used with confidence. And it can be operated continuously for a long time.
4. This machine is suitable for the production and suppression of a variety of raw materials, including corn kernels, wood, straw, forage and so on.









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