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Charcoal Briquette Press Machine

Charcoal Briquette Press Machine
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Our company can provide a variety of charcoal briquetting machines for the production of various charcoal briquettes, such as oval, round and so on. The shape and size can be customized according to the special requirements of customers.
The raw materials may be charcoal powder, coal powder, fertilizer, salt, iron powder, etc.

The wood chip charcoal briquetting machine is mainly used for pressing organic powder materials into biomass briquettes under high pressure. It is an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient product that turns organic waste into wealth. Depending on the size of the mold, our machines can be divided into several different types.

The wood chip briquetting machine uses various types of biomass powder materials, and under the action of the propeller and the heating ring, the biomass material is pressed into a solid rod briquettes with holes or no holes in the core portion.


1. Adopt automatic constant temperature system. After setting the temperature in advance, our machine can work stably at the preset temperature.
2. Our machine design team has been improving our machines with reasonable design, simple structure and convenient operation.
3. The automatic electric heating device in the machine can control the moisture of the feeding material to ensure stable discharge and improve work efficiency.
4. The main components of the machine are made of wear-resistant materials, which are longer than the old one.
5. The shape and size of the briquettes can be adjusted by yourself. You can also carbonize them into charcoal briquettes.










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