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Biomass Pellet Making Machine

Biomass Pellet Making Machine
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The wood chip biomass pellet manufacturing machine absorbs the essence of various pellet machines at home and abroad, and the main part adopts a unique structure. The drum is made of wear-resistant alloy steel. This design is reasonable in structure, low in power consumption, high in efficiency and long in life.

This wood pellet machine is easy to operate and maintain and is inexpensive.
With the rapid development of animal husbandry and biomass energy conservation, such machines have become very popular. Because it can not only process animal feed, such as fish, chicken, pigs, etc., but also the wood pellet machine can process the waste biomass material into wood chips. The final wood pellets can be burned as green fuel in pellet furnaces or boilers, saving energy and environmental protection.

1) The machine has a simple structure, a small footprint, and low noise during operation.
2) The powdery raw material can be processed into dry granules, so the moisture of the granules is basically the same as that before granulation, which is more conducive to storage.
3) Dry processing makes the pellets have high hardness, smooth surface and internal solidification.









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