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Biomass Charcoal Briquette Machine

Biomass Charcoal Briquette Machine
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This machine can mechanically compress rice husks, coconut shells, peanut shells, sawdust, straw and other agricultural waste into rods, blocks and granules to increase the fuel value per unit volume. It is also the main molding equipment for the production of mechanical charcoal.
It mainly supplies fuel to furnaces, boilers and power plants, and combustion ash can also be used for secondary use.
It can extrude particulate waste (moisture content <12% bamboo, wood, shell, straw) into a solid rod shape, and the center hole is made of high temperature and high pressure. After great pressure, it has a certain strength, high density and stable performance, which makes the final product easy to transport and easy to store.









Working principle of biomass charcoal briquette machine:

The biomass charcoal coal briquetting machine is made of wood chips, crop straws, chaff, grass, shrubs, branches and wood waste materials, and forms a high temperature and high pressure region under the action of the propeller and the heating coil. After being crushed with a wood pulverizer, the loose raw material is processed into a hollow rod.

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