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It adopts advanced hot-air carbonization technology, greatly improves the carbonization rate, and occupies a small area, is simple and convenient to operate, has good safety, quickness, high production efficiency, and can save a lot of energy.


1. This dry distillation carbonization furnace is an ideal equipment for oxygen-free pyrolysis carbonization.

2. It has a reasonable structure, saves heating energy consumption, adopts a superheated steam cooling system, and has a good cooling speed and high-quality charcoal, greatly shortening the production cycle.

3. The dry distillation carbonization furnace can carry out charring logs and mechanism charcoal, with high yield and good quality.

Operating method:

Before using the carbonization furnace, check whether the fan is rotating flexibly and smoothly; whether the condenser has water leakage; whether the joints of the components are tight, whether the sealed rock wool of the furnace door and the fire door is sufficient, etc.; then the salary bar is put into the furnace. It should be noted that the salary bar must be evenly laid out. When it is full, the furnace door is closed, the fuel in the ignition furnace is ignited, the induced draft fan is activated, the upper fire door is closed, the lower fire door is opened, and the valve of the outlet is adjusted. Keep the flue in a smooth state, smoke out, and remove the pilot. Next, timely control of the temperature, this requires a certain production experience, and finally carbonization is completed, the furnace temperature can be lowered to 100 °C before the furnace door can be opened, water is prepared in advance, and if there is charcoal with Mars It is immersed in water, which is the operation method of the carbonization furnace.






Application Scope





Mechanism sticks, logs, granules, coconut shell, bamboo charcoal





Mechanism sticks, logs, granules, coconut shell, bamboo charcoal

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