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Sugarcane Trash Baling Machine

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Sugarcane trash baler machine is a machine for compressing, bundling and packing the crushed materials. This machine has the advantages of compact structure, simple operation, stable and reliable transmission and flexible motor. This series of straw baling machine is mainly composed of diesel engine, hydraulic system, material storage system, compression mechanism, bagging mechanism, walking mechanism and electrical system. Widely used in animal husbandry forage green storage.

Below is a detailed analysis of the various parts of the machine.

1. Diesel engine: 27Hp water cooled diesel engine. It is an internal combustion engine fueled by diesel fuel, which converts the heat energy released by the combustion of the fuel into electrical energy and puts it into use.

2. Cooling device: Is important device about diesel engine. We need to use recycling water as cooling material for diesel engine, at the same time, we leave two holes to connect with water pipe. (one for inlet, another one for outlet). See the picture below for details.


3. Oil storage: Is storage for diesel oil. There is no difference in choosing diesel oil. You can purchase most common diesel type. On the one hand,some oil was left in the machine because of testing. On the other hand, you need to renew diesel oil before using.

4. Double hydraulic cylinder: considering that processed material, using of double hydraulic cylinder has higher efficiency and better quality. These double hydraulic cylinder control the dimension of bale, hold the main operation principle and is main part of whole machine.

In order to facilitate delivery, we take rear hydraulic cylinder apart. See the picture below for details.


5. Oil separator: The energy in the diesel engine is transmitted to the two hydraulic cylinders through the oil separator. At the same time, each hydraulic cylinder is equipped with two oil pipes, one pipe for inlet and another one for outlet.


6. Fixed Bracket: in order to fix whole machine and keep stability, we add two fixed brackets and front beam. Control the bracket up and down by shaking the handle. When in use, shake the stand to the bottom position to keep the machine running smoothly. See the picture below for details.


7. Electric fire equipment: this device is to start the diesel engine. In order to keep complete in delivery, we make battery positive interface removed. Before using, please check electric fire equipment first, the diesel engine can not open without this device. See the picture below for details.


8. Oil pipeline: with taking apart the rear hydraulic cylinder, the oil pipes are separated also. Aimed to easy understanding and installment, I mark”A” and “B” on the corresponding tubing and hydraulic cylinder interface. See the picture below for details.


9. Control cabinet:

The control system is divided into two parts.

The first part is:

First you need to insert the key in the first keyhole on the far right and open the control cabinet. Then open the outer door of the control cabinet, and the pull inside should be pushed up. These two steps are completed, only to explain the end of the first part.


The second part is:

Specific instructions for the control cabinet. Besides, there are two main reasons for using it.

① the manual mode. First adjust the mode to manual mode. Press the 1* forward button and the hydraulic cylinder advances a small step. The advancement length of the hydraulic cylinder must not exceed the size of the discharge port. If you want to continue adding materials while traveling, press the 1* back button. The 2* forward and 2* back use methods are the same.

② the automatic mode. First adjust the mode to automatic mode and put enough materials. However, please note that when the automatic mode is on, only one pack can be played at a time.

Please note that no matter which method is used, the first package will be stored as a reserve material in the discharge port. When the second package is entered, the first package will be pushed out by the following materials, so that the first package can be packaged successfully.


10. Discharge hole:

Before we do the machine, we will communicate the size of the finished package with the customer in advance. However, some customers will make minor adjustments later. We generally adjust the specifications before shipping. In addition, the screws inside can adjust the size of the bag, which is convenient for customers to use.

Working principle

1. The main cylinder is horizontally pushed and compacted

2. The side cylinder is longitudinally compacted

3. The package head is pushed into the package.

The whole process of sugarcane trash baler machine works in one fell swoop and can be switched to semi-automatic and manual. The entire packing process takes only 1 minute.


Straw, silage corn straw, wheat straw, imperial bamboo grass, wood shavings, sawdust, pepper and other materials


1. No longer digging the silage pool;

2. Long preservation time (natural preservation for up to 3 years);

3. Low packaging cost

4 Adopt traction type package, save time and labo



Hydraulic oil pump capacity(L/min)

Cylinder nominal pressure(pa)

Baling ability(bale/h)

Bale specifications



























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