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Straw Bundling Machine/hay Crop Baler/stalk Baler

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Straw Bundling Machine/hay crop baler/stalk baler is a new type of agricultural equipment in our factory.The matching power is 18-50 HP, which is mainly composed of hay picker, grass drum, sprocket drive mechanism, rope box, rope lever, warning device and hydraulic control mechanism. When binding, automatic rope guiding, automatic gathering of straw, automatic binding, automatic rope cutting, and through the size adjustment of the groove wheel, can change the rope ring and the density of baling, so that the baling is not scattered and messy.

Straw Bundling Machine/hay crop baler/stalk baler is easy to operate, it only needs one person, automatic rope guiding, rope cutting and baling, the machine is equipped with automatic alarm device, the person who drives the tractor hears the “didi” alarm sound, can press the joystick, the machine automatically releases the formed round baling, convenient and efficient.

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Straw Bundling Machine/hay crop baler/stalk baler can be widely used to harvest the Straw, hay, wheat straw, alfalfa and so on. This hay baler machine is of simple construction, low trouble rate, reliable working, easy operation, small bales are easy to carry. Suitable for small and medium power tractor auxiliary use, flexible mobility is good, there are advantages in small plot area. Small size, low price, stable quality, widely welcomed by farmers.

Product advantages:

1.Prevent environmental pollution caused by crop burning by farmers.
2.After the bundling, easy to sell, increase farmers’ incomes.
3.Make rational use of resources, baled straw can be used well, such as animal feed, fiber board, biogas and paper.
4.Simple structure, use safely, easy to maintain.

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Matched power

Working speed

Picking up width

Bale size

Bale weight


Machine weight



20-50hp 30-50hp

1-1.5m/s 2.5-3.0m/s

800(mm) 1000(mm)

500*800(mm) 700*1000(mm

15-25kg 30-50kg

2000*1490*1575(mm) 2300*1600*1450(mm)

550kg 800kg

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